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Wonder Woman has been in the cinema for less than a week, and the film has already smashed box office records to become the highest grossing film by a female director during an opening weekend. Additionally, has received rave reviews from both critics and fans as well as being certified fresh on the Rotten Tomatoes site with a rating of 93 percent. Not bad for a film, that's for sure!

With all that success under its belt, fans have already started thinking about the possibilities for a sequel. And, with director willing to return, we could be seeing 's Amazon princess back in another solo adventure real soon.

While Wonder Woman fulfilled most of our hopes and dreams for the character, there was still one little thing that bugs me: we didn't get an appearance from former Wonder Woman . While Carter did receive the credit she deserves in the end credits, we definitely think an appearance from the legendary actress would've made Wonder Woman all the more enjoyable. Patty Jenkins clearly agrees and, when a fan tweeted the director about the lack of Carter in the film, she responded with:

Carter played Wonder Woman in the classic TV series that ran from 1975-1979. Her iconic portrayal became the benchmark by which every live-action version of Wonder Woman would be measured and her contribution to the character made Carter an icon. While the actress may have been unable to appear in Wonder Woman, she has been killing it as President Olivia Marsdin over on The CW's Supergirl.

Jenkins has made it no secret that she was a fan of Carter's Wonder Woman, and the director consulted with Carter about the Diana character for the new film. Moreover, Carter attended the red carpet premiere of the movie in Los Angeles and later gave Wonder Woman a glowing review on her social media pages.

For many fans, Carter's portrayal of Wonder Woman remains the greatest and, considering the impact her version of the character had on female superheroes, we'd love to see the legendary actress pop up in Wonder Woman 2.

Wonder Woman is in cinemas now.

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