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Wonder Woman received both critical acclaim and commercial success when it hit theaters last month. The latest installment in the DC Extended Universe broke all sorts of box office records, received a 93% "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes and single handedly saved the DCEU from annihilation.

The film was everything fans could've hoped for: It was funny, fresh and action-packed — not to mention the fact that it was extremely faithful to the comic book heroine and her origin story. However, as much as we enjoyed , there was one big thing that the film was missing: legendary Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter.

There had been previous reports that Carter would appear in the Wonder Woman movie but due to scheduling conflicts (Carter, who is also a singer, was touring at the time) she was unable to make it happen. Despite this, Carter allegedly worked closely with director Patty Jenkins to ensure the film remained faithful to the Wonder Woman character. For this, the iconic actress received a "special thanks to" credit during the Wonder Woman end credits. In a new interview with People Magazine, Carter says:

“We were trying to get me in the first one and we couldn’t make it work with our timing.”

However, Jenkins has been vocal about her desire to get Carter to appear in the all-but-confirmed Wonder Woman sequel and it appears that Carter is also more confident about this prospect, telling People:

"It really is up to Patty, and if it works in an organic way it’ll be great fun and it’ll be wonderful to do."

Carter has been full of praise for both Gadot and Jenkins, and was delighted with Wonder Woman when it hit cinemas last month, taking to Twitter to post her admiration. Carter talked about the two women with People:

“I was so taken with the both of them, and taken with Patty from the beginning when she very first got this film, and we talked on the phone... I just said that she knows who this character is. Because Wonder Woman — it’s the idea of her. It’s not about superpowers, it’s about her intellect and compassion. It’s so much more than some comic book character, because we identify with it.”

Why We Need A Lynda Carter Cameo In The Wonder Woman Sequel

Unlike other superheroes, Wonder Woman had only one successful portrayal of the character before Gadot came along and that was when Carter donned the red, white and blue leotard for the series back in the 1970s. Although Carter wasn't the first actress to play the role, her version of the character was remarkably close to the comic book version and the multiple Wonder Woman outfits that she wore during the series run were completely comic accurate.

Much like the Gadot film, the first season of Wonder Woman was a period piece and remained extremely loyal to the character's origin story. However, the second and third seasons transitioned to the '70s and the writers explored themes and storylines that would have been more relevant for viewers of the '70s. The time period may have changed, but Carter's portrayal only got stronger throughout the show. Simply put, Carter didn't just portray Wonder Woman, she became Wonder Woman and that is why her portrayal is still held in such high regard today. For many, she remains the best live-action version of the character and considering everything the iconic actress accomplished, she fully deserves to make an appearance or play a part in the sequel film.

Would you like to see Lynda Carter make an appearance in the Wonder Woman sequel? Tell us in the comment section below.

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