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After what seemed like forever, Wonder Woman is only a few days away from making her triumphant big screen solo debut. Despite worries of it being another critical disappointment for the already troubled DC Extended Universe, Patty Jenkins's superhero adventure has been praised left and right from people who've been able to see it.

It's safe to say that the reception has fans incredibly excited to watch the film. Well, believe it or not, the prospect of watching Wonder Woman just got a whole lot more exciting thanks to one more review, because Diana's first solo adventure has the most awesome seal of approval — from the original Wonder Woman, .

At the premiere, Carter appeared alongside her successor Gal Gadot. She had a great time with the movie, and took to Twitter to share her excitement for it:

Carter had nothing but great things to say about both the movie and Gadot, as she wrote in the caption:

"What a wonderful movie!! Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. I had so much fun at the premiere."

Continuing the praise, Carter followed up that message of support with an image of herself alongside Gal Gadot and the director, :

The caption reads:

"Bravo Bravo to the cast and especially Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot."

A little later, the actress also shared this fun piece of art on Facebook. The image depicts Diana Prince showing off her success to Batman and Superman, promising fans they'll love the Amazonian princes's solo adventure:

As you can see, Lynda Carter had the time of her life with the film. Granted, her opinion could be taken as being biased, both by the fact that she played Wonder Woman for such a long time and because she's currently involved with DC once again, playing the president of the United States in .

Still, after playing Diana for such a long time, it's clear that Carter has a good grasp on the character, so it's awesome to see her having a good time with the new movie. Wonder Woman fans are now a thousand times more excited to see the newest entry in the !

Wonder Woman flies into theaters on June 2, 2017.

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