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Wonder Woman is a symbol of strength, justice, and most of all, hope. Diana Prince is the face of women's rights, influencing women (and men) around the world to fight for equality and for a better world. She's an American icon.

Given her status, it makes sense that Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins recently donated a very special gift to the Library of Congress — the original script to the film. To make it even better, Jenkins sent the original "Woman of Wonder" herself, Lynda Carter, to present the script:

The Original Wonder Woman Script Is Now Archived In The Library Of Congress

Carter, who portrayed Wonder Woman on the TV series of the same name between 1975-1979, said that she was honored to present the script to a crowd of ecstatic onlookers. As if the massive box office profits weren't enough, Wonder Woman is now officially a part of American history!

To put that in context, some of the Library of Congress's "top treasures" include the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address. Of course, the Wonder Woman script probably isn't quite at that level, but it's still an honor to be included in the library's collections! (Just sayin', we don't remember any ceremony to donate the screenplay for Batman v. Superman.)

The movie deserves all of the recognition it's getting as a landmark for women in pop-culture and in the film industry. Wonder Woman is more than deserving of a spot in the Library of Congress, and it's nice to see that its importance will be recognized for years and years to come — no doubt inspiring many generations of fans.

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