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When it comes to DC movies, very few have been able to accomplish what Wonder Woman has. The latest installment in the DCEU franchise received both critical acclaim and commercial success when it hit theaters earlier this year and received an unprecedented 93% "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Although the film was everything fans could've hoped for there was one big thing that the film was missing: legendary Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter. While the iconic actress did receive a "special thanks to" credit during the end credits of the film, the actress was unable to appear due to scheduling conflicts. However, it appears that Carter's iconic portrayal of Wonder Woman wasn't forgotten and director Patty Jenkins even managed to find a unique way to pay tribute to Carter's legacy in the film.

During an event at SoHo’s Apple Store in New York, a fan asked Jenkins if the Wonder Woman scene where Diana removes her bun was an homage to the character's mother Hippolyta, who often fought with her hair down. Jenkins's reply indicated that while it was very much an homage to Diana's culture, it was also an homage to Lynda Carter:

She wouldn’t have a bun, and so yes, I think its an homage to all of her culture and to Lynda Carter as well,”

In the classic Wonder Woman series, Carter's character would tie back her luscious locks in a bun, in the hopes of keeping her identity secret and when she became the Amazon princess, the hair would fall out of its confines.

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

Jenkins went on to say that she directed the scene in a way that it paid tribute to the iconic Wonder Woman spin transformation that was used in the Carter series.

“The camera move was very much...I knew we couldn’t do the spin, but I blocked it so it was her turning around and then she turns around, and so it was our little way of trying to pay tribute to everything in that moment.”

Check out the video for yourself:

Not The Only Lynda Carter Easter Egg

This is one of several Easter Eggs that we noticed from the Wonder Woman film that pay tribute to the Lynda Carter TV series. In addition to the tiara sequence, Diana's farewell conversation with her mother is incredibly reminiscent of the scene where Carter's Wonder Woman said farewell to get mother in the original series. Additionally, a dress shopping sequence was featured in the 2017 film that was rather similar to the one seen in the original pilot of the Carter series.

Also, as Diana leaves the dress shop, she tries on a pair of glasses and Etta Candy makes a humorous remark about how using glasses is supposedly going to make her any less attractive — no doubt a jibe at the age-old superhero guise of wearing glasses, commonly used by Superman and, wait for it, Lynda Carter's Diana Prince. Finally, Steve Trevor refers to Diana's homeland of Themyscira as Paradise Island. Before the term Themyscira was invented, the original Wonder Woman comic books and the Carter TV series referred to Diana's homeland as Paradise Island only.

Lynda Carter has been an avid supporter of both Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins, appearing alongside both women on the red carpet premiere for Wonder Woman, and the actress gave the film a glowing review on her social media. Carter, who currently plays President Olivia Marsdin on the hit series Supergirl, is scheduled to appear in the Wonder Woman sequel and we certainly hope this comes to fruition. Let's face it: the screen is big enough for two Wonder Women!

Did you catch this wondrous Lynda Carter Easter Egg in Wonder Woman? Tell us in the comment section below.

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