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M. Night Shyamalan and Bruce Willis will re-team a third time for Labor of Love.

In case you’re wondering if the movie will bear the director's trademark supernatural twist, the answer is: nope!

At least that’s what the synopsis implies:

The drama will center on a Philadelphia book store owner whose wife dies in a tragic accident. To prove his love posthumously, the taciturn man decides to walk across America, very much like his late wife always wanted them to.

Bruce Willis will, of course, play the book store owner.

Labor of Love seems like a rather unusual project for the filmmaker who has up to this point made mostly movies that feature a strong supernatural plot element, or in the case of The Village at least... aaaand the spoiler police tells me to stop right there.

This seems like a straight drama of the hope-to-inspire kind. Fittingly it's based on one of Shyamalan's earliest screenplays and is said to be similar in tone to his first movie, the completely twist-less Praying With Anger.

Will it be worth our while?

I have conflicted feelings about this. hasn’t directed a good movie since Unbreakable in my all too humble opinion. That movie, however, I liked quite a lot.

Will Willis and Shyamalan be able to work their magic again? Or will the erstwhile Sixth Sense wunderkind produce another movie fart à la The Happening?

What do you think? Tell us in the comment section below!

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