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, director of The Sixth Sense (you know, the one where was dead all along, which is why only could see him. Ta-daaaa!) usually tries to invent riddles. But now, in a dramatic career turnaround, he's trying to solve one - namely, the American public school system.

According to /Film, Shyamalan, who fancies the "academic" title for himself, has written a book, called I Got Schooled: The Unlikely Story of How a Moonlighting Movie Maker Learned the Five Keys to Closing America's Education Gap, with five practices that could help to fix our educational system.

If you're asking: "When, exactly, did this dude start to give a sh*t about the American schooling system?", then the M. Night Shyamalan Foundation might have some answers for you; the website is saying that Shyamalan was struck by the equality gap of two Philadelphia schools he saw while scouting locations. So, there.

The director also recently revealed to New York Magazine that he believed the education gap to be

A racial thing. That underlying this was 'We're okay with this education gap, because it's happening to a group of people who have always lost in our country.' All I wanted to do was put everything on the table so that everybody - a parent, a teacher, an administrator, someone in the government - has the same information.

Shyamalan also admitted that the non-fiction book won't cater to his usual fanbase, saying

I really just don't know who could possibly want to pick up this book. I just needed to understand why we are where we are, because there's something fundamentally offensive about it to me.

Is this a selfless and admirable thing for Shyamalan to do? Or is anyone else sniffing a massive cloud of vanity project, right now? Talking of which... Since the unsuccessful Smith-family venture After Earth was such a monumental box office flop (and that flop value can be chalked up to Shyamalan's directing chops), perhaps it's best that Shyamalan stays away from movies for a bit.

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