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After landing the leading role of Kevin McCallister in festive comedy Home Alone in the '90s, a young Macauley Culkin was catapulted to stratospheric fame, only to sadly come crashing down into a dark abyss of post-child star struggle and drug abuse once he reached his twenties. Indeed — by the mid '00s — it became a common sight to see Culkin chain-smoking, looking rather skeletal and facing drug charges on the front pages of tabloid magazines, with many speculating that he was battling a crippling heroin addiction.

Now however, after being swept under the carpet along with the hordes of other child stars haunted by similar substance abuse issues, it looks like the 36-year-old has bounced back. Just the other day, the actor was spotted stepping out of a gas station on Sunset Boulevard boasting a dramatic image overhaul and looking almost unrecognizable.

Check out his incredible transformation below, featuring chiseled cheekbones and a clean-cut hair style:

We never thought we'd say it but damn Macauley Culkin, you're looking handsome AF!

What's more, it looks like the star has been keeping himself rather busy by getting back on the acting bandwagon in recent months. Notably, he'll be cropping up as the lead in Seth Green's comedy film Changeland in the future, something he's very excited about. Speaking about the production process in South East Asia, he recently said:

"It feels like a dream to be filming in Thailand with an incredible crew and some of my closest friends."

We can't wait to see what you guys cook up!

What are your thoughts on Culkin's new look?

'Home Alone' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
'Home Alone' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

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