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It's probably been awhile since you've thought about Macaulay Culkin's famous yell while slapping on aftershave in Home Alone. Actually, we haven't seen much of Culkin since his last acting gig in the TV series Kings back in 2009. However, Entertainment Weekly recently learned that the lovable child star of the '90s is stepping back into the acting world to play a part in 's directorial debut, Changeland.

Green wrote and will also play a timid character who meets up with his cocky friend (Breckin Meyer) in Thailand. It will be interesting to see what role Green has in store for his friend Culkin. They costarred in the film Party Monster, and Culkin has done several voices for Green's show Robot Chicken.

With Green's creative comedy mind, this could be a great opportunity for Culkin to make a big comeback. And Culkin is not the only surprise celebrity who will make an appearance in Changeland. WWE Superstar Randy Orton even has a role, as do Robot Chicken alums Brenda Song and Clare Grant. Green sounds excited about the movie, telling EW:

“It feels like a dream to be filming in Thailand with an incredible crew and some of my closest friends.”

Production on Changeland is set to begin this week.

What Has Macaulay Culkin Been Up To?

Culkin may not have appeared in any high-profile movies or TV shows recently, but that doesn't mean he's been in hiding. Just last year, Culkin appeared in the avant garde, low-budget film Adam Green's Aladdin, which put a trippy twist on the classic tale and was produced entirely in a Brooklyn warehouse. The magic lamp was a 3D printer.

Culkin also shot a short film that parodied Home Alone, featuring a thinly veiled Kevin McCallister taking revenge on the burglars who messed with him back in the day:

Other than doing a few voices for Robot Chicken, Culkin started his own band, the Pizza Underground. Each of their songs was a cover of a Velvet Underground track, but with a pizza theme for some reason.

Even though Culkin had a roller coaster of a life since his childhood stardom, it looks like he took some time away from Hollywood to try new things. Now that he's older, we'll see if can bring back some of that '90s charm and revive his acting career with Changeland.

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(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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