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When it was first announced that CBS were planning on remaking '80s classic series MacGyver, it definitely ruffled some people's feathers. There are many television viewers — myself included — who dislike the current lack of originality in both film and television and with last year's fall season largely consisting of remakes of popular films, from Lethal Weapon to The Exorcist, there wasn't much hope for us. Many of us thought that the new MacGyver would pale in comparison to the original, as that usually ends up being the case with modern day remakes.

However, when the MacGyver remake hit screens back in September, I found it rather refreshing to see how different the new iteration was in comparison to the classic version. While it maintained the essence of the Richard Dean Anderson version, the Lucas Till led remake was packed with originality and it didn't take long for more and more people to tune in to see what the fuss was about.

In television, Friday nights are largely regarded as the death slot, or at the very least, the slot where you send a show to die off. The fear of Fridays lies in the fact that it's the end of the working week — people go out on Friday nights — so it's incredibly rare that a new show can survive that unfortunate time slot.

Mac Doesn't Need To To Fix The Ratings, They're Sky High As It Is

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

When MacGyver first premiered back in September, it brought in a whopping 10.9 million viewers on a Friday night, a feat that hasn't been accomplished since CBS' hugely popular drama Ghost Whisperer aired back in 2005. While you might argue that this high number was primarily down to viewer curiosity — and you'd partially be right — this cannot be the whole truth because, despite a small decrease, the ratings for the show have remained incredibly high for the whole season, pulling in an average of 7 million viewers each week.

For a show that was dismissed as a failure before it even began — not to mention the deadly time slot in which it airs — pulling in viewing figures this high is almost unheard of. Despite a rather negative critical reception to the pilot episode, the people have continued tuning in week after week. Furthermore, the seres has already went on a number of hiatus' and the viewing figures have remained unaffected. In fact, some of the hiatus' worked in the action drama's favor, increasing the viewers upon its return. If anything, The ratings have proven that MacGyver is the fixer-upper that Friday night television needs.

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Will MacGyver Get A Second Season?

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

With ratings like that, I can't see CBS passing on a second season of MacGyver. The freshman drama is full of originality despite it's ties to the original series and there's no denying that the show has been a success on social media, often trending on Friday nights. In terms of storyline and character development, Lucas Till is a wonderful in the leading role and he does such a great job reinventing Mac for a new generation. Similarly, the supporting cast are equally as captivating with Tristan Mays' performance as computer hacker Riley being a personal favorite.

Moreover, let's not forget that there is a MacGyver/Hawaii Five-0 crossover coming up soon. How is this relevant? Well, this television event technically means that MacGyver takes place in the same universe as Hawaii Five-0 and I highly doubt that CBS would allow the reboot series to cross over with one of it's biggest series' if there weren't plans for a second season of MacGyver. Also, the show has recently been sold to international UK broadcaster Sky 1, which is one of the biggest networks around.

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

Despite its ties to the '80s classic, Lucas Till's new MacGyver has been full of originality and the remake has quickly become one of my new favorite shows. I'm delighted that it's doing so well in the ratings department and hopefully this will bode well in the long run.

It's not like we should be surprised at its success — if anyone could get themselves out of a tricky situation like the Friday night superstition, it's Mac. Let's hope CBS renew the series because, much like the original, MacGyver has the potential to be on the air for many years to come.


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MacGyver airs Fridays on CBS.


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