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Casting rumors for superhero movies can be tricky, because you're never quite sure if some wishful fan imagined an actor as his favorite comic book character, made a convincing photoshop and ended up rallying half of the internet behind their suggestion, or if real studio executives in a real office had an actual talk about a potential casting choice.

The former situation seems to be the case for Mackenzie Davis, who was rumored for the role of Domino in Deadpool 2. After Deadpool himself teased the arrival of Cable in the post-credits scene of the first movie, opinions soon started to come out about who could take on the role of this time-traveling hunk — as well as that of his girlfriend, Domino. While Davis seemed to be the frontrunner, she said she hadn't been contacted for the part.

Not familiar with Domino? Check out her comic book background in these articles:

Mackenzie Davis Hasn't Been Asked To Play Domino — Yet?

Domino / Marvel Comics
Domino / Marvel Comics

In an interview with GQ, Davis admitted that she hadn't heard anything from the studio. Still, she loves the idea:

"It's very interesting. People keep sending me printouts being like, 'This is so cool!' And I'm like, 'Right? I also think it's cool! But it's not true!' I mean. I'd love to keep the ruse going. It's sort of cool that people think I'm doing 'Deadpool.' But no! I don't have any news to share. I wish I did!'"

Could the internet make it happen? It all started when Twitter user BossLogic — who is known for his brilliant designs that bring our biggest fan dreams to life — proved that Davis looks extremely convincing as the leather-clad mercenary.

After all, Deadpool can thank the fans' passion for even existing, as the movie reportedly only got made once footage had leaked online and the demand was so strong that it convinced the studio to give the project a chance. And behold, the R-rated Deadpool became one of the most successful superhero movies of all time!

Mackenzie Davis Deserves Her Breakout Moment

Despite several acclaimed performances, Davis isn't so well known yet. A 29-year-old Canadian actress, she's proved the extent of her acting skills by jumping from dramas to romantic comedies, from TV series to blockbuster movies. If you want to discover more about her work, check out the following movies and series:

  • What If, 2013
Mackenzie Davis in 'What If' / No Trace Camping/CBS Films
Mackenzie Davis in 'What If' / No Trace Camping/CBS Films

In 2013, she starred alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Adam Driver in this beautiful romantic indie.

  • That Awkward Moment, 2014
Mackenzie Davis in 'That Awkward Moment' / Treehouse Pictures
Mackenzie Davis in 'That Awkward Moment' / Treehouse Pictures

Sure, she nails the girlfriend character — this time with Miles Teller and Zac Efron. But don't you want to see her do much more?

  • The Martian, 2015
Mackenzie Davis in 'The Martian' / 20th Century Fox
Mackenzie Davis in 'The Martian' / 20th Century Fox

In Matt Damon's survival tale on Mars, The Martian, Davis plays Mindy Park, the young NASA engineer who first notices that he might still be alive.

  • Halt And Catch Fire, 2014 – 2016
Mackenzie Davis in 'Halt and Catch Fire' / AMC
Mackenzie Davis in 'Halt and Catch Fire' / AMC

Season 3 has just started for Halt and Catch Fire, a TV series about the technology boom of the early '80s in which Davis plays Cameron Howe, a programming prodigy who joins a small team of engineers dreaming of revolutionizing personal computing.

She's also shooting the sequel to Blade Runner and set to appear in Black Mirror, so you know she's an actress to watch out for!

Can you imagine Mackenzie Davis as Domino in Deadpool 2?

[Source: GQ]


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