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Matt Carter

We reported a month ago that Mad Max: Fury Road was headed back Down Under for some reshoots. Now this would normally be a cause for concern - why else would you maintain radio silence about a delayed movie that requires massive reworking - but it seems that in the case of Max, it was very good news indeed.

I'm not sure how, but a source over at Badass Digest has managed to see an early cut of the movie and describes it as "awesome" and "end to end, a badass chase filled with incredible action." What's more, the reshoots are intended to beef up the already incredible action. Apparently director wanted to originally film an action sequence taking place on a vehicular elevator, but was unable to fulfill his vision due to budget restrictions. However, after the studio saw what he had done with the rest of the movie, Miller was given the cash to go ahead and make things explode exactly how he wanted to.

Happy days!

That's not all. The source also revealed that is still using his Bane voice but "since Max only has a handful of lines it isn't too bad."

Make of that what you will.


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