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After a lot of struggle, the wasteland warrior is back. Having been stuck in a development Hell for a long time, Mad Max: Fury Road only recently got a release date. Apparently, the latest instalment of the Australian cult classic is going to be worth the wait when it finally comes out in theatres May 15, 2015.

The Mad Max franchise director is still in the middle of the additional re-shooting of some scenes for the final version of his post apocalyptic action sequel. The troubled and prolonged production (filming began three years ago) has made fans worried that the movie is not going to look as awesome as expected. However, according to the director, the huge amount work is finally paying off and the early feedback is very promising.

Miller said to the the Sydney Morning Herald (via Indiewire):

Our film, luckily, after a ridiculous amount of work, is testing extremely well.

We're very happy. There has been a lot of doubt about it, [people saying] 'it took so long', but Warners have delayed it until 2015 to go into the top weekend of the year.

The original Australian sci-fi was the movie that made famous as the legendary outcast. Now British actor, is taking over the iconic role of Max Rockatansky, but it has been rumoured that Gibson will appear in a cameo role in the new installment. The director tried to dissolve this speculation too. He said:

It would have been nice somehow but, no, it's not true.

(source: Indiewire)

So the production of Mad Max: Fury Road still continues, with or without Mel Gibson.

What do you think? Will Hardy be just as legendary?


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