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With its dreamy love story, soft singing and enchanting dancing, La La Land has joined the list of most-nominated movies in Oscars history, sweeping up a whopping total of 14 nods by the Academy. was no exception: He's in the Best Actor category for his portrayal of the sweet and frustrating Sebastian, a jazz fanatic with a slightly obsolete obsession with musical purity.

It was the perfect time, then, for wax figures museum Madame Tussaud's to unveil their new Ryan Gosling statue at their Berlin museum. May I suggest an Internet's Boyfriends gallery? There's just one tiny problem: The figure looks so similar yet so different from Gosling that the result is utterly terrifying, and definitely not the kind of man you'd want to say "hey girl" to you.

Something's Off With Madame Tussaud's New Ryan Gosling Figure

Granted, recreating that exact look in someone's eye purely from wax must be extremely hard work, so we can't blame the artists if it doesn't always go exactly as planned. But this Gosling here isn't so swoon-worthy — actually, I'd rather just stick to bookmarking GIFs and drooling all over Tumblr.

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If you're dead set on taking a selfie with Gosling and his shiny forearms, however, be aware that the figure will be on display at Tussaud's until April. And to make up for the haunting sight of this attempt at recreating Gosling's ovary-popping charisma, watch our compilation of the hottest love stories of 2016 below:

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