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With the remake of It coming to theaters in 2017 (not soon enough in my book), it's no surprise that people are expecting some pretty crazy viral marketing stunts. Not like It really needs it; it IS Stephen King, and it IS It, after all.

What if the people behind the marketing were to use clowns as a marketing stunt, to gather interest for their upcoming clownfest? Particularly, scary, creepy, freaky ass clowns? Would that make you want to see the movie more, or make you move to Nopeville? Fortunately for the those of you who would do the latter, the people behind It have come out saying all those clown sightings are not their doing, and the people behind it are just guys that like to scare the crap out of people.

Yes, Dean, those kinds of people are assbutts, because your brother hates clowns.

There have been some sweet marketing campaigns for movies over the years, for horror and other genres alike. A lot of movies have done the normal thing, with special websites, apps, etc. For those studios, we salute you. But here are seven movies where the studios went the extra mile!

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1. The Blair Witch Project (1999) - The Original

From the movie that seemed to start it all, comes quite possibly the craziest movie marketing campaign ever. The people behind the campaign truly wanted you to believe the shaky found footage was real, and ended up fooling a LOT of people.

2. The Simpsons Movie (2007) - Welcome To Kwik-E-Mart

To get people talking about their upcoming movie, the folks at 20th Century Fox got some 7-Elevens around the country (11 locations to be exact) converted into real Kwik-E-Marts! Starting on July 1, the stores stayed Kwik-E-Marts for the entire month. That's a lot of squishees!

3. Chronicle (2012) - Flying People

Fox strikes again! Imagine looking up on your commute to work and seeing people flying around. Now, imagine yourself with a concussion, because you'd probably wreck your car. But that's what happened when Fox asked Thinkmodo to come up with a way to get chatter going about their upcoming superhero movie.

4. Carrie (2013) - Telekinetic Coffee Shop Prank

Another Stephen King remake that you would think wouldn't need any sort of viral marketing campaign, the producers behind Carrie had a lot of fans worried they'd blow it. What happens when you need to get some buzz generated about your movie? You scare the bejeezus out of people!

The “Oh my God, holy f#!” lady at 1:38 pretty much sums it up.

5. The Ring 2 (2005) - 7 Days To Live Prank Call

I know I said websites were cool, just not cool enough for this list. But this one is just too good to pass up. A website,, was set up to get people in the mood for some more o' Samara (it's since expired).

Obviously, when you put in the phone number of your victim, they'd get a call from Samara, letting them know of their imminent demise.

Now if they would have only figured out a way to screw with the cameras on their phones, and make all their pictures come out blurry...

6. The Gallows (2015) - The Charlie Charlie Challenge

Looking at the ratings for this movie, it looks like a killer marketing campaign could have done nothing but helped. Unfortunately, this looks like a case of a movie using something that already existed to help boost interest in their movie. The Charlie Charlie Challenge has been around for quite awhile, as shown in this video from 2008.

It wasn't until 2015 that it caught on in America. It's strange that the movie's ghost/demon was named Charlie, but again, they may have just borrowed his name, and then capitalized on the fame of the challenge, with this tweet:

7. Toy Story 3 (2010) - Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear

Like Stephen King, it wasn't like Pixar really needed any help advertising for the third installment of Toy Story, but thank goodness that didn't stop them. They threw together a very convincing '80s era commercial for the film's villain, Lotso. I'll be honest, though, it kind of has that Chucky vibe to it.


Which sequel/remake are you looking forward to the most, even if they may not ever happen?


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