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Legend, Queen, Icon (yes, those words all deserve to be capitalized) recently acted like herself during a screening of 's 12 Years A Slave last week at the New York Film Festival. The original Miley was caught texting during the film. After someone complained, she yelled, "It's for business... Enslaver!" Of course, this wasn't the best term to use during a movie about the grotesque horrors that Solomon Northrup endured as a free man captured and forced to become a slave during the 19th Century. But it's also Madonna. I'm not condoning any of her actions. I'm just saying that it's not surprising.

The best part about the story, however, is that the Alamo Drafthouse has symbolically banned the performer/artist/director from attending future screenings until she issues an apology. Something tells me that she won't. Again, she's Madonna. Here's the official tweet from Drafthouse's Tim League:

I firmly believe that the only way to get Madonna to apologize is for Alamo Drafthouse to hire Legend, Queen, Icon (in a different way) to show up at her London digs to set her straight like she did in 1995:


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