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The queen of pop is coming back to the silver screen, but not as an actor. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal has landed the rights to ; a biopic that will follow the early years of Madonna before she became a pop icon. While it sounds like a film audiences will be eager to see it, Madonna herself is not too happy about it. The music legend took to Instagram to express her thoughts on the movie and it's nothing pretty:

Nobody knows what I know and what I have seen. Only I can tell my story. Anyone else who tries is a charlatan and a fool. . Looking for instant gratification without doing the work. This is a disease in our society. ✍️

Madonna Is Not Happy She Is Getting A Biopic

Apparently, the movie will film without Madonna's direct involvement and judging from her unhappy Instagram post, it seems she won't even have input on the further development of the script, which was written by Elyse Hollander. The movie will be produced by Brett Ratner and Michael De Luca.

It would be unwise to not have as a producer of the film, especially since it's her story. At the very least she should be given a say in who should play her on the big screen. On the other hand, depending on how the biopic portrays her, involvement from Madonna might compromise the integrity of the script, especially if the narrative doesn't always frame her in a positive light.

Looking ahead, who would be the best choice to play Madonna in Blonde Ambition?

Dream Casting Madonna In 'Blonde Ambition'

Let's be clear, there is no one better to play Madonna than Madonna. Nevertheless, here are some amazing actors who would totally kill in the role.

1. Margot Robbie

'The Wolf of Wall Street' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
'The Wolf of Wall Street' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

Robbie right now is on fire. In 2016 she captivated audiences with her performance as Harley Quinn in Warner Bros.'s Suicide Squad. She is already set to star as the titular role in Sony's Robin Hood film, Marian, and is reportedly in talks to portray Queen Elizabeth in Focus Features' Mary Queen of Scots.

2. Evan Rachel Wood

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]
'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

proved to be a tremendous actor long before she stole the show in HBO's hit series Westworld. One of her most notable films include Charlie Countryman, where she starred alongside Mads Mikkelsen and Shia LaBeouf, and The Wrestler.

3. Rachel McAdams

'Doctor Strange' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Doctor Strange' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

The last few years have been good for , with projects like Doctor Strange, True Detective, and Spotlight. Not only has McAdams starred in a multi-million dollar franchise but her performances in critically-acclaimed fare has shown she has the chops to handle any role.

4. Jessica Chastain

'Miss Sloane' [Credit: EuropaCorp]
'Miss Sloane' [Credit: EuropaCorp]

delivered one of her most electrifying performances as lobbyist Elizabeth Sloane in last year's Miss Sloane. This year she starred in The Zookeeper's Wife. There's no doubt Chastain would make a dazzling Madonna.

5. Scarlett Johansson

'Ghost in the Shell' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
'Ghost in the Shell' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

Of course had to be on this list! Not only is Johansson one of this generation's greatest actors, she also has an amazing voice. Her talent and range have been near incomparable, starring in everything from critically-acclaimed indie hits like Her to the Avengers franchise.

Who would you cast as Madonna in Blond Ambition? Let me know in the comments below!

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