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Over the last half-century, pop industry's reigning queen, Madonna, has broken boundaries, busted balls and reinvented herself more times than you can shake a sculpted ass at; yet so ferocious has each stage in the mad world of Madge been, it can be easy to forget the events that catapulted her to fame in the first place. Luckily then, a biopic of her early industry days titled has just been crowned the "most liked" un-produced film script currently in the Hollywood system — meaning a cinematic reminder is on the way!

Penned by Elyse Hollander, Blonde Ambition topped the newly published , which invites movie execs to vote for their favorite scripts that are yet to start shooting. The premise is as follows:

In 1980s New York, Madonna struggles to get her first album released while navigating fame, romance, and a music industry that views women as disposal.

So, although we're talking a pre-MTV Britney kiss, pre-Kabbalah, pre-twerking her charitable moon alongside Arianna Grande, pre-mental fake British accent, and a pre-Evita Oscar'd , there are still bags of salacious content that would make for an incredible biopic. And, to help you get into that groove, we've listed a few of the queen's championing moments from the '80s that would make for prime film fodder.

1. Humping The Stage At The First Ever MTV Awards

It's September 14, 1984, it's the first MTV Awards, and Madonna is onstage writhing around in a wedding dress, humping the stage unapologetically while performing "Like A Virgin" to an audience of millions. This was the first moment that she truly announced herself as a controversial force to be reckoned with, and over four decades later, that statement still stands.

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2. Her Tumultuous Marriage To Sean Penn

Madonna and Sean Penn [Credit: Lost In History Pics]
Madonna and Sean Penn [Credit: Lost In History Pics]

After meeting on the set of the critically panned Shanghai Surprise, and Madonna went on to have one of the most tumultuous marriages in celeb history. The man she once claimed was the coolest guy on the planet waved a gun and shot at press at their wedding ceremony, was arrested for assaulting a photographer and served a two month jail term. Later in the marriage, he was arrested again, but this time it was for assaulting Madge and charged with felony domestic assault, resulting in their divorce in 1989.

3. Burning Pepsi's Prayers In Commercial Controversy

In the late '80s, Madonna collaborated with soda giant Pepsi to create the commercial featured below. The ad brimmed with wholesome feels, showing a time-traveling 8-year-old visiting a fully fledged pop star version of herself — a vision of what she would one day become:

The ad cost millions to make; it was the first time a record — her '89 classic "Like A Prayer" — debuted in a commercial, and the first time one had been given a round-the-world same-time premiere, airing in 40 countries simultaneously. However, it was only to be broadcast once.

The next day, Madonna launched the official music video for the track, and to say its message was a world away from the nostalgic niceties of its Pepsi counterpart would be an understatement. Featuring a rape, a wrongly accused black man and burning crucifixes, the video caused uproar within religious groups who claimed it was “ridiculing Christianity.” So much controversy did it cause that when a Catholic bishop from Texas called for a boycott of Pepsi and all its other brands — Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC — Pepsi threw in the towel and the ad was never shown again.

Meanwhile, Madge was able to keep her $5 million fee for the commercial, and used the controversy to bolster her appeal — because, bitch, she's Madonna:

4. Masturbating On Stage During The 'Blonde Ambition' Tour

As the biopic's title is a direct reference to Madge's "Blonde Ambition" tour (which took place in 1990, so perhaps this movie will span a decade), one would hope that this iconic moment in the star's career would get pride of place upon the movie's mantelpiece.

During the tour, and despite threats from police, Madge simulated masturbation while belting out "Like A Virgin" in an over-the-top, super-sexualized performance, featuring a red velvet-covered bed, conical bra'd backing dancers, gold plastic panties and a pretty convincing mock-orgasm. And let's be real, the world really needs to see that again.

What '80s moment would you love to see in Madonna's biopic?

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