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Mads Mikkelsen is far from an actor just entering the upward trajectory of his career, but the last few years have been more than kind to the Danish gymnast and dancer turned Hollywood star.

Only just off the back of his mesmerizing turn as Kaecilius in the Cinematic Universe's , he was revealed to be appearing as the antagonist in gaming legend Hideo Kojima's upcoming (and totally mental looking) Death Stranding. And before the year is out we'll see him again in the Star Wars movie Rogue One, marking Mikkelsen as the only actor to have appeared in different instalments of 's two major franchises in the space of a mere few months.

Mads Mikkelsen as Galen Erso in 'Rogue One' [Credit: Disney]
Mads Mikkelsen as Galen Erso in 'Rogue One' [Credit: Disney]

He's been a Knight of the Round Table (King Arthur), a scheming cannibal (Hannibal), a shirtless mute viking with one damaged eye (Valhalla Rising), and a suave Bond villain... with one damaged eye (Casino Royale). But with his already impressive resume behind him, it looks like Mikkelsen might have his eye (the undamaged one) on a new prize.

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Speaking to BirthMoviesDeath's Scott Wampler at the San Francisco Rogue One press junket, Mikkelsen revealed one genre he hasn't acted in yet that he would jump at the chance to do. For such an intense seeming guy, it might come as a bit of a surprise, but apparently he really loves zombies. Like to the point of getting really excited and enthusiastic when he talks about them.

Mikkelsen in 'Hannibal' [Credit: NBC]
Mikkelsen in 'Hannibal' [Credit: NBC]

And for such an enthusiast, it might not come as a surprise to learn that he's pretty into a little show called .

Mikkelsen: I do love watching 'Walking Dead'. I do. There's something so fascinating, where [Mads is getting very excited] when the zombies are moving sufficiently slowly, you actually want to live in that world, you know?

Wampler: Really? Why?

Mikkelsen: Because you can just fucking chop the shit out of them!

Perhaps this explains the reason he took on the role of Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal, as both Hannibal and zombies have a certain taste for human flesh. But this time around he's really keen on being the one to be doing the chopping, and right now we can't think of anyone we'd like to see chopping up the undead more than Mikkelsen.

Mikkelsen as One-Eye in 'Valhalla Rising' [Credit: Scanbox Entertainment]
Mikkelsen as One-Eye in 'Valhalla Rising' [Credit: Scanbox Entertainment]

He's even got a zombie preference — he likes the slow ones, but finds the fast zombies of World War Z and 28 Days Later fascinating, though he doesn't think he'd be able to outrun them.

He'd be right at home in The Walking Dead then, especially as he seems to have his zombie knowledge pretty together when it comes to the Walkers, as he warns us:

"But you should always be aware! Don't get too close up! Because that's when [Mads mimes biting someone's neck as a zombie] that's when they come."

There's only one thing scarier than a zombie, and that's a Mads Mikkelsen zombie. Somebody get The Walking Dead's Frank Darabont on the phone, that's Season 8 sorted.

What's your favorite Mads Mikkelsen movie? Do you want to see him fighting zombies? Sound off in the comments, and get him the lowdown on his Rogue One role in our video below!

(Source: Birth Movies Death)


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