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Warning: spoilers for every season of The Walking Dead follow, especially for the Season 7 premiere.

We've officially entered , and you may be thinking that the true victim after last night's premiere isn't Glenn or Abraham. You're probably beginning to think that us, the viewers, are the real victims here.

But in “The Day Will Come When You Won't Be,” we were reminded yet again that the true victim here is none of the above.

This tweet made an extremely good, if harrowing, point about Maggie and her role in The Walking Dead:

Maggie has always been, and it seems that she always might be, the biggest victim of the series. The reason will break your heart even more than the Season 7 premiere did.

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She's Lost Everybody She's Loved - EVERYBODY

Not just some. Not just most. But everybody. Every single one. Every Greene family member, at least that we know about, has died. Let that sink in. Losing one family member that's close to you is devastating enough, but your entire bloodline? Totally unimaginable.

And what's worse? Every single one has been brutally killed right in front of her.

From left to right:

  • Josephine Greene (mother)
  • Annette Greene (stepmother)
  • Arnold Greene (cousin)
  • Shawn Greene (stepbrother)

Out of all the above Greenes, we didn't get to meet any of them while they were living. But we saw three of them very briefly, in Season 2's episode “Nebraska,” in the walker barn scene.

Josephine had died before the outbreak, but the other three had been kept in the barn with the other walkers. Their initial deaths were all walker-related, getting bit and turning.

The planet had gone to hell, and I'm sure Maggie, from the relative safety of her family's farm, imagined it couldn't possibly get worse. The day she met her future husband and father of her child, Glenn, was also the day that set things in motion that would bring us to this.

Everyone She's Lost Since The Outbreak Haven't Been Killed By The Dead

No introduction needed, but for those just joining the show, from left to right again:

  • Hershel Greene (father)
  • Beth Greene (half sister)
  • Glenn Rhee (husband)
  • Baby Gleggie (yet to be born son/daughter)

If you still don't believe that the living are the real threat on The Walking Dead, then have a look at the Greene family.

They've all been killed by maniacal, insane leaders of rival groups.

Hershel, by the Governor:

Beth, by Dawn Lerner:

Glenn, by Negan:

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The only one left surviving, besides Maggie, is baby Gleggie, and we're not even completely sure about that. When we left Maggie last night, she was running a serious fever and was possibly miscarrying. If her baby dies, as horrible as that is, it'll be keeping with the morbid tradition of Maggie losing everything that mattes to her. The people she loves always die, and they die by the hands of living, breathing, evil people.

If it wasn't official before, it is now. Walkers have become the secondary threat on . The world has been shit for way too long, and it's bred a whole new breed of evil. We saw it in the Governor, in Dawn, in Joe, and at Terminus.

Negan, however, has set the evil bar higher than we've ever seen, and may ever see again.


Who has suffered most in The Walking Dead?


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