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If you didn't see the recent sixth season finale of FX's Sons of Anarchy...well, by all rights you should stop reading this post.


Tragedy has always been a major component of Sons of Anarchy. In fact, so often the story structure of the series has resembled a Shakespearean tragedy. But, you know, with motorcycles.

During the season six finale, one character in particular met a rather tragic end. Well, perhaps brutal is a better word for it. In a recent interview with THR, , who plays (played) Tara, talked about her character's violent exit from the show.

She talked about getting the news from show creator ...

"We sat down to have a chat about what Tara's arc would be for the season, and there was something about the way he sighed, and I was like, "You're not killing me off, are you?" and he said, "Well, darling," which is the way Kurt talks, and that's when I knew."

And even though she hates to watch herself perform, Siff stated that she couldn't help but watch this episode.

"I hate watching myself! (Laughs.) I honestly don't often do it, but I did want to see that episode just because it was the finale, in more ways than one for me, and I thought it was important to watch it put together."

Overall, she said she was happy with her character's demise.

"As an actor I feel like it's an amazing way to go out, it's like a lot of fireworks. And I know that it's going to be a huge part of what the life of next season is, and that's very gratifying."

Read the full interview here

Did you see the episode? What did you think?


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