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***Do not read unless you are up to date with The Walking Dead S07E14***

Another episode of The Walking Dead season 7 has been and gone without any fighting breaking out, despite Sasha running off in a misguided attempt to single-handedly Bruce Lee her way through Negan's compund.

In an episode where the most exciting moment was Rosita jump-starting a car, we must turn to the minutiae to glean information about our beloved show. Namely, just what was new de facto leader Maggie Greene writing on her list?

As well as displaying a remarkable recovery from grief through sheer strength of character, Maggie has given us one of the few real bursts of action in an otherwise very slow-moving season, to wit her marvelous tractor rampage at Hilltop.

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OK, so to return to S07E14 'The Other Side,' Maggie is hard at work scribbling out a list, barely stopping to eat when her unofficial PA Enid brings her a nice platter of post-apocalyptic tapas... but just what did her list say, exactly, and what does that tell us about the Hilltop gang's future?

Check out the items on Maggie's list in 'The Other Side'...

Item 1: Scrap Metal

Is Maggie taking a leaf out of Jadis's book? The most likely use for scrap metal at the Hilltop would be to strengthen their barricades and/or create new spears, but we've seen a number of creative uses for metal in the Walking Dead world.

Some of Jadis's crew's metalwork on 'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
Some of Jadis's crew's metalwork on 'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Item 2: Batteries

It doesn't specify what type of batteries Maggie is after: does she want the smaller kind — radios, torches etc. — or the larger kind? Obviously mains power is a thing of the past for The Walking Dead crew, but larger car batteries can be used to hook up larger gadgets...

Item 3: New Generator

Much the same as item 2, a generator could have a wide variety of uses: powering up vital medical equipment for Maggie's pregnancy, for example, though Maggie's list seems more action-oriented so we'll sideline that possibility for now. What kind of vehicular or weaponry enforcements could Maggie's generator be used for?

Item 4: Emergency Exit

This seems like less of a tangible thing and more of a concept: as the Walking Dead gang have learned time and again, plans do not always work out as intended. Is Maggie planning a Great Escape style tunnel or secret door out of Hilltop to set upon the Saviors next time they show up, or devising a way out of Negan's compound once they're inside?

Rick had a horse back in the day on 'The Walking Dead'? [Credit: AMC]
Rick had a horse back in the day on 'The Walking Dead'? [Credit: AMC]

Item 5: Horses??

That's Maggie's "??" not mine: clearly the headstrong leader has her doubts about this item as a potential mode of transport. Still, Horses are easier to fuel than cars, and there's precedent for their use in previous episodes. Ride 'em, cowgirl!

Scrap metal, batteries, a new generator, an emergency exit and horses... Sounds like Maggie's planning a party! Any ideas on what Maggie's desired items could mean, sound off in the comments...


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