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We have all dreamt of running through the forest with Robin Hood or swimming through the oceans with the Little Mermaid. Some of us, regardless of our age, will never falter to sing along with the street rat Aladdin as he swings through the streets of Agrabah, or squeal with joy as we hear the Disney opening theme begin to play. These are the stories that we grew up with and that made us dream impossible dreams of far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells and princes in disguise ( I hope you guys got that reference!). Well, in her magnificent photography, Kazkovuy Kyiv (which translates to 'Kiev Fairy') has captured some of the greatest moments in these stories so beautifully, it can only be described as magic. See for yourself:

1) Aladdin

We've all seen the street urchin dance on screen a hundred times, but he never fails to leave audiences holding their sides with laughter. With a smile that would steal any Princess's heart and his trusty flying carpet, what amazing adventures could be awaiting this young hero?

2) Esmeralda

Having inspired one of the most dramatic songs ever created by Diseny this picture captures the vibrant colours and music of this gypsy's life.

3) ... And We Can't Forget The Goat!

And here's a bonus picture of Esmeralda and her trusted sideskick Djali — everyone's favorite animated goat!

4) Rapunzel

Rapunzel was always a dreamer, looking up to the skies from the confines of her towering prison. The picture above beautifully captures the young princess's nature-loving character- though I'm sad Pascal isn't accompanying her.

5) Little Red Riding Hood

I don't think it would be possible to sleep so comfortably in such an eerie forest. And have you seen the size of the wolf? I really hope Red has something sharp hidden in that basket!

6) Alice and The Hatter

It wouldn't be the Mad Hatter if he wasn't ready for any unexpected guests with a steaming mug of tea. Although his appearance may be greatly influenced by Johnny Depp's amazing portrayal of the character, the whole photo really does look like something from Wonderland.

7) Captain Hook and Co.

Although a notorious villain, Captain Hook has become a renowned comical pirate that causes Peter Pan a spot of trouble at times. The picture above really captures Hook's unfortunate (and funny) character — and it wouldn't be Captain Hook without his trusty first mate, Mister Smee, causing more mishaps to occur!

8) Robin Hood

Such concentration, such aim — I pity Robin Hood's target, for such an expert archer never misses. The combination of the classic costume and natural backdrop truly make the viewer believe he is out adventuring with this world famous archer, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. How could life get any better?

9) Ariel and Eric

Undoubtedly one of the greatest Disney recreations, Kazkovuy magically captures the fateful moment when Ariel and Prince Eric first meet. You can almost hear the siren's song bringing him back to consciousness (and, side-note, look at Ariel's hair- it's so amazing!)

10) Cinderella and Prince Charming

We have seen the pivotal scene above immortalized countless times. Cinderella flees from her Prince and leaves behind a single glass slipper. Although each story has its own twist to the climatic moment (see the moment captured by Into The Woods below), very few capture it as spectacularly as the image above. The ruffles of Cinderella's skirt as she runs down the stairs look strangely like flower petals, giving the image an even more artistic feel.

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Stories such as Robin Hood and Thumbelina were the stories told to us on rainy fearful days to help us sleep at night, and although we have seen such characters and scenes phenomenally portrayed across both the small and big screens, very few manage to capture their magic as beautifully as in Kazkovuy's photographs.

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