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Spoiler Warning: For all the talk of how 'gritty' and 'dark' Logan is, the film's true appeal lies in its emotional centre. Each agonizing death and painful goodbye takes more and more of a toll on the viewer, until you're suddenly left wishing that you'd accidentally wandered into one of Pixar's latest movies instead of Wolverine's final swan song.

From the onscreen deaths of characters like Xavier and Caliban to the harrowing offscreen murder of our beloved , director James Mangold pulls no punches in Logan, grounding the superhero genre with life and death stakes that guarantee no one is safe, not even himself.

X-Men 2 [Credit: Fox]
X-Men 2 [Credit: Fox]

However, one particularly important member of the mutant franchise remains conspicuously absent from this dystopian timeline, despite playing a central role in every X-Men film that preceded Logan. Wouldn't Magneto stand front and centre in this brave new world, fighting to protect what remains of the mutant population? You might want to take a seat, guys. The reason behind Erik Lehnsherr's absence could be the most heartbreaking thing about Logan yet.

Here's Why Magneto Doesn't Appear In 'Logan'

X-Men [Credit: Fox]
X-Men [Credit: Fox]

While we know that the majority of mutants have been hunted down or made extinct in this post-apocalyptic future, no mention is made of Magneto. However, if he were alive, then we imagine that the Master of Magnetism would be referred to at least once in Logan. After all, when he wasn't battling the X-Men, Erik was also Professor Xavier's closest friend.

However, the reality is that Magneto is probably dead. While he may not have been killed in the same psychic blast that killed most of the X-Men, Erik is probably pushing up daisies alongside the likes of Cyclops and Storm. Of course, if that's the case, then one question remains.

How Did Magneto Die?

X-Men: First Class [Credit: Fox]
X-Men: First Class [Credit: Fox]

While there are a number of ways that Ian McKellen's character could have met his demise, we doubt it was at the hands of the Reavers, whose cybernetic enhancements would have been an easy target for the Master of Magnetism.

We also suspect that Magneto didn't die during the 'Westchester Incident'. After all, Erik's helmet was always designed to protect Magneto from Xavier's psychic abilities. It's not like the two would have been casually hanging out together at the X-Mansion anyway, reminiscing about that time Erik robbed Charles of the ability to walk.

No, the most likely cause of Magneto's death is old age. While that may seem like a surprisingly low-key way for such a powerful mutant to die, it's important to remember that Erik was a Holocaust survivor.

The entire X-Men franchise began with a young Erik manifesting his abilities in a concentration camp, so we know for a fact that Magneto was born somewhere around the mid '30s. Logan is set in 2029, which means that Erik would be approaching 100 in this timeline. It might seem hard to believe, but it's far more likely that Magneto died in his sleep than during a full scale fight.

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While it would have been incredible to see Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart reunited onscreen one last time, it was ultimately a smart move to leave Magneto out of Logan, allowing director James Mangold to spend more time with his central trio. RIP Erik. We hope you enjoyed your twilight years in Xavier's Home For Gifted OAPs.


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