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Brian Salisbury

is not a guy who conforms to anything resembling a standard, but even still his latest project seems like an inordinate risk. Nymphomaniac: Volume I is an extremely sexual drama that was previously boasting a runtime well past five hours. Steamy and titillating as the posters and trailers have made it seem, that's a hell of a long time to sit through any single film. How would this movie ever get released?

Enter Magnolia. Deadline is reporting that the independent film distributors have put together a release plan that includes splitting Nymphomaniac into two parts. The first part will be in theaters March 21st, after first premiering on-demand March 6th. Then the final half will get its theatrical release in the April 18th, following the on-demand premiere on April 3rd.

Magnolia is really rolling the dice here. Given how most theaters react to controversial material, there likely won't be too many that agree to show even the first half the film; or no Shia LaBeouf. Still, I applaud them for taking the risk.

What do you guys think?


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