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Now, to say that had a big year back in 2016 is a little like saying that Star Wars Episode 7 made a large amount of money at the box office: It's true, but it also manages to undersell the achievement by a hefty number of percentage points. Ali, after all, managed to put in both one of the year's best cinematic performances — in — and one of its most determinedly scene-stealing TV performances — in — and still find time to be charismatic as hell in the somewhat slighter likes of and .

In other words? It was a very good year for the ridiculously talented actor, but not one, it seems, that has gone to his head. Indeed, as he mounts the runaway train that is the awards season press circuit, Ali seems more than willing to tell mildly embarrassing stories from his acting past, including the fact that:

Ali Missed Out On A 'Game Of Thrones' Role Because Of A Stool

'Luke Cage' [Credit: Marvel Television/Netflix]
'Luke Cage' [Credit: Marvel Television/Netflix]

Yup, that's right, a stool.

Y'see, according to Ali, he actually auditioned for a role on a few years back, which didn't go well. The full details lose something when not coming in Ali's own surely-soon-to-be-Oscar-nominated voice, but suffice to say that it had something to do with an unexpected stool. And, as Ali recently revealed on , that stool may have pretty much single-handedly cost him a role on the show:

Fortunately, that mildly terrible audition doesn't seem to have slowed Ali's career down all that much, and with an imminent Oscar nomination for his supporting role in Moonlight seemingly all but guaranteed, you'd have to imagine that he'd now have his pick of roles on the show. Y'know, if it weren't ending pretty soon.

Perhaps the folks over at could just go ahead and give him the lead in whatever spin-off to the show they're currently considering, though. Just so long as it doesn't involve sitting on any stools.

Still want more on Game of Thrones' future plans, with or without Ali? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

What do you think, though? Would you like to see Ali turn up in a future Game of Thrones episode — or spin-off? Let us know below!


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