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Warning: This article contains major spoilers from Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 2 "The Justice Society Of America."

Legends Of Tomorrow continued to thrive this week as our favorite Legends ended up clashing with the iconic Justice Society Of America in 1942. And what followed was a brilliantly entertaining but important episode of feuding that taught us a lot about where the series is heading.

And though the Legends flew off into the sunset, the major developments in this episode seem to prove that their mission in 1942 is far from over. With some incredible fight scenes, the Legends and the JSA teamed up against the Nazis but the awesomeness was marred by the shocking death that shook the series.

The Fallen Hero

Undoubtedly the episode's most shocking event came in the closing moments when Justice Society Of America leader Rex Tyler was overpowered and killed by the Reverse-Flash Eobard Thawne.

Rex Tyler dies in Vixen's arms. (via The CW)
Rex Tyler dies in Vixen's arms. (via The CW)

Having secured the amulet earlier in the episode, Tyler held it in the JSA's headquarters before Thawne's invasion. The evil speedster informed Hourman that the JSA leader had previously figured out Thawne's plan before he was "erased" from the timeline. In order to prevent any more interference from Tyler, Thawne used his speedy hand to literally phase through Rex's body, killing him much like he did to Cisco in the alternate timeline in The Flash's first season.

This death wasn't just a major blow to the JSA, it was a major blow to the series and to all of us. As a Patrick J. Adams fan, I am really sad to see him go as Rex Tyler was one of the strongest new additions to the show. But going forward this major death has really accelerated the storyline, proving that Thawne is desperate to make sure that Tyler didn't figure out the plan a second time and warn the Legends again. Moreover, it will also bring major changes to the show.

Is This The Last We Have Seen Of Rex Tyler?

Midway through Season 1 of Legends, it was announced that Patrick J. Adams had been cast in a mysteriously secret role. And the lid was kept on his character's identity right up until the Season 1 finale when Adams closed the episode revealing himself to be Hourman Rex Tyler. Furthermore, most of the marketing for Season 2 was based around the arrival of the Justice Society Of America. So after a mere three appearances, has the show killed off this great character before we could even get attached to him?

Have we seen the last of Patrick J. Adams as Rex Tyler? (via The CW).
Have we seen the last of Patrick J. Adams as Rex Tyler? (via The CW).

Remember, this is Legends Of Tomorrow, which also happens to be a spin-off of The Flash. Time travel isn't just a possibility, it's guaranteed. So with that in mind, Rex Tyler's death doesn't necessarily mean that this is the last we have seen of him. After all, the Legends returned to 1942 to save the entire JSA and stop them from dying that day. So they could always return to that day again and stop Thawne from ever getting his hands on Tyler or the amulet.

Furthermore, Tyler was able to travel back in time on a Waverider himself in the Season 1 finale to warn the Legends not to come to 1942. Yes, he was fizzed out and according to Thawne he was erased from the timeline, but when did this erasing take place? Could we end up seeing one of the previous meetings between the two that Thawne alluded to? Moreover, if Thawne killed Tyler because he had figured out his plan in the original timeline, could the Legends not save Tyler and thus, allowing him to live may result in Tyler figuring out his plan once again.

The Reverse-Flash kills Rex Tyler. (via The CW)
The Reverse-Flash kills Rex Tyler. (via The CW)

With time travel at their disposal — not to mention the hype put into Adams' role on the show — it's highly likely that we will see Rex Tyler reappear at some point. I surely hope so, because Patrick J. Adams did a great job!

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From JSA Member To Legend

It's no coincidence that the person to find the dying Rex was the JSA's own Vixen Amaya Jiwe. Before the season began, we knew that Vixen — the grandmother of Mari McCabe who also channels the power of the animal kingdom on Vixen and Arrow — would jump ship, leaving the Justice Society Of America and becoming the newest member of the Legends. And it's likely that this tragic event will fuel her decision.

Vixen breaks down after discovering the fallen hero. (via The CW)
Vixen breaks down after discovering the fallen hero. (via The CW)

With Vixen joining the team, it's likely that she will assist the Legends in taking down both Reverse-Flash and Damian Darhk — and the rest of the Legion Of Doom. But that doesn't mean that she won't get involved in any other missions. Remember in the CW's upcoming crossover, is clearly standing alongside and the , meaning that she will have no problem helping them — and and Green — take down the Dominators.

Having someone like Vixen will not only add some extra girl power to the awesome team, but it will provide us with an interesting chance to see how she will interact with the rest of the team. She already seems to have some chemistry with Ray and we know that she'll get verbally feisty with Heat Wave, so there's definitely going to be some great moments. Moreover, it will be equally as interesting to see how she reacts to all of the modern technology. While Tyler's death was a heartbreaking tragedy, Vixen joining the Legends to avenge his death is an exciting and worthy way to honor him.

A Stronger Team Of Legends

Team Leader: Sara Lance was declared Captain by Professor Stein. (via The CW)
Team Leader: Sara Lance was declared Captain by Professor Stein. (via The CW)

This episode strongly relied on the contrast between the well-oiled Justice Society of America and the reckless hot-headed Legends. While the JSA had their leader Rex Tyler, the Legends had none after Rip Hunter's disappearance. Though Professor Stein originally took up the role of Captain, he relinquished it because of the stress and appointed White Canary Sara Lance the official captain.

So the episode ended in complete contrast to how it began — the Legends have a new leader but the JSA don't. Rex's death and Sara's new role as Captain will not only bring the Legends together, it will co-ordinate them and help them to honor Rex and the JSA. Furthermore, Nate's interaction with his grandfather Commander Steel will not only help him to become a hero, but it will also help him to become Citizen Steel, adding a great deal to the Legends. Moreover, Sara knows exactly how to deal with the stress of being captain and will have no problem navigating the team — and the Waverider.

Sara knows how to be a badass leader!
Sara knows how to be a badass leader!

Rex Tyler's unexpected death is definitely a major blow to both the JSA and the Legends. Not only has the Reverse-Flash proven that he's willing to do anything to keep his plans in motion, but the JSA are now without a leader. The death will have major effects on the remainder of the season, forcing the Legends to reunite with the JSA and extending their stay in 1942. Whether they end up fighting Nazis or giant mutated men again remains to be seen, but one thing is certain — it won't be long until we see a showdown between the Legends and the Legion of Doom. And that will most certainly be an amazing moment.

The shocking death was tragic, and we'll miss the amazing Patrick J. Adams, but this major shocker proves one thing — Legends Of Tomorrow will continue to get better and better.

Check out the trailer for next week's episode "Shogun" below:

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