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Next year will see the beginning of the Marvel Universe with the release of Venom by the end of 2018. The movie will star Tom Hardy as the fan-favorite Spider-Man villain, and despite comments from Marvel Studios' president Kevin Feige, it seems Sony's Universe will be connected to the MCU after all.

But before Sony kick things off with Venom, we'll see the first of three Spider-Man films starring Tom Holland in July. As seen in the trailers and recent posters, Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man will be heavily featured in the movie, and now, according to THR, one "to-be-determined" Avenger will be joining Spidey in the Homecoming sequel:

Sony will get a to-be-determined Marvel character for Spider-Man 2 like it received for Homecoming with the box-office monster Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr. But sources say it won't be Iron Man next time around.

We have no further details as to which character will be swinging around New York City alongside once the Spidey sequel comes around. What we do know is that the second Tom Holland Spidey movie is scheduled to release on July of 2019, just a few months after the fourth Avengers film.

If none of our favorite heroes bite the dust in Avengers 4, then here is who we'd love to see kick it with Spider-Man in the Homecoming sequel:

1. Black Widow

If there's one character we'd hate to say goodbye to, it's definitely Scarlett Johansson's . Perhaps she'll be one of the heroes that will survive Thanos's onslaught after Infinity War—if anyone is a survivor, it's Natasha. If so, then she'll be the perfect Avenger to chaperone Peter Parker after his skirmish with the Vulture. Not only would we get an assassin/high school student dynamic we've never seen on film, but it would display a side of Peter Parker we haven't seen before: his weird crush on Black Widow from the comics. Imagine both of them on a mission to save the world and all Peter is thinking about is asking Natasha to Prom—and all she's thinking about is how she doesn't have time for this nonsense:

You tell him, Nat.
You tell him, Nat.

2. Star-Lord

We are all excited to see Chris Pratt's interact with Iron Man in Avengers: Infinity War, but how awesome would it be if Star-Lord hung out with Spider-Man for an entire movie? The possibilities are endless. The two Peters would obviously have dance-offs and music-listening sessions, and the jokes that these two would make are too good to even fathom.

Look at that adoring gaze [Credit: Marvel]
Look at that adoring gaze [Credit: Marvel]

Star-Lord would be like a big brother to Peter, a role both of them would fall into fairly easily, I'd imagine. Their big adventure could possibly end with Spider-Man taking a trip on the Milano, kicking off Spidey's journey into the cosmos.

3. Captain Marvel

Brie Larson's Captain Marvel will be new to the once the Homecoming sequel comes around, so it would be a smart move from Marvel to give her a spot in the second Spider-Man movie. The Captain Marvel movie would have already released in theaters once Spider-Man 2 comes around, so fans and the general audience would already have seen Larson in the role. looks to seemingly be the new leader of the Avengers once Phase 4 begins and if Spider-Man wants to keep his team membership sound, then a solo adventure with the Captain is the way to go.

Let it go, Peter. Just let it go. [Credit: Marvel]
Let it go, Peter. Just let it go. [Credit: Marvel]

Besides, while Tom Holland's version of Spidey is too young to flirt with their comic book will-they/won't-they romance, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man have a unique dynamic and incredible friendship in the comics that would be really great to see unfold in live-action.

4. Doctor Strange

What makes the dynamic between and Spider-Man work is that both heroes live almost right next to each other in New York. With Spider-Man visiting the Sanctum Sanctorum every time he fails a homework assignment so Strange can reverse time, it would give for one very entertaining movie.

"What do you want now?" [Credit: Marvel]
"What do you want now?" [Credit: Marvel]

The wisecracking Peter Parker and the dignified Stephen Strange are an odd couple on the surface, but share that same noble streak underneath and it would be interesting to see that developed on the big screen. It would also give us a glimpse into Spider-Man's mystical adventures from the comics. And perhaps even introduce us to Mephisto, with whom Spidey once made the most heartbreaking deal of his life.

Any of these heroes alongside our favorite web-head would make for a fascinating movie. But who do you wish to see in the Spider-Man sequel?

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters July 7.

[Source: THR]


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