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Season 3 of The Flash may not have been the most cheery offering the show has produced, but it certainly provided us with many memorable moments. From Savitar's arrival to that unforgettable musical episode, the show has been littered with awe-inspiring moments. And after a compelling but grim ride, The Flash's third season finally came to a close with the epic season finale.

While the finale — appropriately titled "Finish Line" — certainly gave us a lot of much-needed answers, it left us with a lot more questions, regarding the show's future and the fate of certain characters.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the major questions we're left with after that jaw-dropping finale.

1. Will Barry Allen Return To Us?

Undoubtedly, one of the episode's most shocking moments came in the closing moments when the Speed Force began collapsing, manifesting itself onto Earth-1 in a ridiculously colorful lightning storm. Realizing that Jay's return from the Speed Force prison meant that somebody needed to take his place, a selfless Barry decided to step up and sacrifice himself.

Accepting that all this started when he created Flashpoint, Barry sacrificed himself, taking the hand of his mother as he disappeared into the Speed Force, ending the madness and bringing the Season long story to an end.

But now that he's gone, will the show manage to survive without him? The Scarlet Speedster is undoubtedly the heart and soul of the series. But remember, in the comics, Barry Allen isn't the only Flash — he shares that title with Jay Garrick and Wally West, both of whom watched him disappear in the series. Thus, we have to wonder if Wally or Jay will become the new Savior of Central City?

While it's likely that Barry will eventually return to us — Grant Gustin is the heart and soul of the show — it will be interesting to see just how long the show will run without Barry, and how the characters will deal with his absence.

2. Will We Get Another Harrison Wells In Season 4?

Each season, actor Tom Cavanagh has given us an incredibly memorable iteration of Harrison Wells. From the evil Earth-1 version who was inhabited by the Reverse-Flash, to Earth-2's moody but lovable "Harry." But when Harry went back home to Earth-2, we got Earth-19's unique H.R. Wells in Season 3. While we initially weren't sure what to make of him, it didn't take long for his infectious smile and corny jokes to win us over. H.R. was undoubtedly part of the Flash family.

Will Earth-2's Harry be sticking around? [Credit: The CW]
Will Earth-2's Harry be sticking around? [Credit: The CW]

However, that made his tragic death all the more heart-breaking — he finally made Team Flash see him for the hero he truly was when he sacrificed himself in place of Iris. But now that he's gone, we are left wondering if we will get another new version of Harrison Wells for Season 4. Each season has seen a new Wells enter the fray, so why should Season 4 be any different?

Although, it's highly possible that Earth-2's Harry will be return as a full-time character. He returned during the finale to help Tracy Brand — H.R.'s love interest — and as Barry asked him to stay, it's likely that Harry will be sticking around for good this time.

3. Have We Seen The Last Of Black Flash?

This time last year, The Flash had just defeated Zoom and the Time Wraiths carted him off to the Speed Force — but not before turning him into the ghoulish Black Flash. The avenging speedster would return, acting like a grim reaper towards anyone who messed with the timeline, something we saw all too well during the second season of .

But in the season finale, the monstrous speedster met an untimely — and unexpected — end when Savitar had Killer Frost freeze him, after which he smashed to pieces. It was a completely ironic move considering that Caitlin used to be romantically involved with Zoom, but it left us wondering if we have seen the last of the Black Flash. The character was certainly a CGI marvel and never failed to get our hearts racing, so his presence will definitely be missed.

But with the season finale addressing the threat of the Speed Force and the fact that next season's main villain won't be a speedster, it's possible that we may have seen the last of the Speedster era on The Flash.

4. Will Tracy Brand Return Next Season?

Team Flash only met Tracy Brand a number of weeks ago when they recruited her to build the Speed Force Bazooka which would theoretically trap Savitar in the Speed Force. Knowing that she would eventually do the same thing in 2020, Barry and his team ended up changing the future by having her create the trap in 2017 instead. And as she did so, she fell instantly for H.R.

But now that H.R. is gone, we have to wonder if Tracy will stick around. Remember, she did accept his proposal to join Team Flash and helped them defeat Savitar. But without him there to "nerd out" with, can she really continue on? While Harry did manage to convince her to help them this time, will she honor H.R.'s legacy by sticking around?

5. Will DeVoe Be The Big Bad Of Season 4?

We already know that the main villain of Season 4 won't be a speedster, but the finale may have revealed the identity of the upcoming big bad. During a conversation with Barry, Savitar mentioned DeVoe when reminiscing about his time with Team Flash. Barry clearly had no idea who the villainous speedster was referring to — and that's when Savitar revealed that present-day Barry hadn't met DeVoe yet.

For anyone unaware, Clifford DeVoe is an old-school Flash villain in the comics, who called himself "The Thinker." He ended up becoming a member of both the Injustice Society and the Suicide Squad at different points throughout his criminal career.

Now Savitar's mention of the character could have been a passing comment, but it's also the second time that a character from the future has referenced DeVoe — Abra Kedabra mentioned him when listing the Flash's opponents. Thus, it's highly likely that the Thinker will have a major presence in The Flash's fourth season. The only question is — will he be the Big Bad? I guess we'll have to Think about it.

The Season 3 finale of 'The Flash'left us with a lot of questions. [Credit: The CW]
The Season 3 finale of 'The Flash'left us with a lot of questions. [Credit: The CW]

The Season 3 finale of The Flash certainly brought closure to the Savitar arc, it left us asking a lot more questions. With the fate of Barry Allen up in the Speed Force, the shocking deaths of H.R. and Black Flash and the promise of a new type of villain next season, "Finish Line" was undoubtedly an emotional rollercoaster. But despite all those question marks, we have yet to answer the biggest question of all: how are we supposed to wait until October for Season 4?

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