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Mark Newton

You may think getting to write about movies all day is a dream job. Well, you're right, it is pretty good — but there is a downside. We movie news writers must bear a major burden. Much like Atlas was condemned to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, we must also carry the crushing weight of major movie spoilers.

However, we carry this responsibility so you don't have to. If you do not want to read MASSIVE weapons grade spoilers for Thor: The Dark World, then I suggest you leave this article posthaste.

Kevin Feige recently caught up with Total Film to discuss the ending to Thor: The Dark World. Despite numerous reshoots and added scenes concerning Loki, the Marvel boss revealed that the finale twist — that Loki had been masquerading as Odin to become King of Asgard — was planned from the very start. Check out the video, in which he also explains the additional Loki scenes, below:


What do you think? Are you glad even more Loki was added to Thor: The Dark World? Let us know below.


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