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So Epic Pictures are releasing a movie entitled Big Ass Spider! Dare to guess what it's about? That's right, its about a Big Ass Spider attacking Los Angeles.

The film has just fired up a new official website and with it comes an interesting opportunity. Epic Pictures are offering a cash prize of $5000 to anyone who can make their own awesome spider-inspired film. Here's what Epic Pictures producer Patrick Ewald and Shaked Berenson had to say about it:

We have had an overwhelming response from fans of the film and thought it would be an amazing opportunity to pay them back for all their support. We also thought it would be a great chance to encourage any aspiring filmmakers to get their work seen by a panel of really cool celebrity judges.

The judges you'll be assessing your work include (Saw II-IV, Repo!), (Dog Soldiers, The Descent), (Toxic Avenger), and Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer of Corridor Digital.

As well as the previously mentioned 5000 big ones, you'll also get your movie featured on the Big Ass Spider! DVD and Blu-Ray. Head over to here for all the information.

In the meantime Big Ass Spider! arrives in theaters and on VOD on October 18th.

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