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Last year's may have left viewers and critics incredibly polarized, but and Warner Brothers (WB) still see the potential in giving Task Force X more time to shine on the big screen.

With a sequel currently in the early stages of development, DC and WB have produced a small list of directors they would love to see helm Suicide Squad 2.

The name that grabbed the most attention, and raised the most eyebrows, was that of Mel Gibson - the controversial filmmaker who gained notoriety after he went into an antisemitic rant when he was caught driving drunk. Later being charged with allegations of domestic abuse didn't help his case either.

Given his reputation, here's a look at how Mel Gibson could either solve or worsen DC's cinematic woes in .

The Elephant In The Room

Mel Gibson's 2006 mugshot
Mel Gibson's 2006 mugshot

First and foremost, this editorial is in no way a defense for Mel Gibson. Gibson's actions, spoken words and subsequent apologies speak for themselves. Whether or not you choose to watch his movies in lieu of his past behavior is a choice you and no one else should form.

However, if we focus on Gibson as a filmmaker by looking at his body of work and the themes he tends to incorporate in his stories, a strong case can be made for him to helm this project.

War And Other Films

Mel Gibson directs 'Hacksaw Ridge' [Credit: Summit Entertainment]
Mel Gibson directs 'Hacksaw Ridge' [Credit: Summit Entertainment]

One look at Gibson's first directorial film in nearly a decade, , is more than enough proof of the man's talents. The World War II biopic was not only well-received at film festivals, but it also racked up an impressive six Oscar nominations, including one for Best Picture and Best Director.

General audiences were impressed with Hacksaw Ridge as well, giving the movie a strong 93% audience approval on RottenTomatoes and helping it earn upwards of $160 million on an estimated $40 million budget at the box office.

Check out the trailer for Hacksaw Ridge below.

Gibson also directed the award winning Braveheart, The Passion Of The Christ and the Mayan period piece Apocalypto. Though the onscreen carnage and historical inaccuracies attracted controversy and criticism, it was hard to dismiss Gibson as an exploitative director. Gibson's movies were all appropriately violent tales of downtrodden people who fought for what they believed to be right.

Thematically, this fits with the Suicide Squad - convicts who are given a chance to redeem themselves by conducting black-ops operations for the American government. Gibson's movies are also known for grounded yet compelling character development that never gets overshadowed by spectacle - something that can't be said for Suicide Squad.

Belle Reve Prison: Where anti-heroes are born. 'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Brothers]
Belle Reve Prison: Where anti-heroes are born. 'Suicide Squad' [Credit: Warner Brothers]

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The original may be the breath of fresh air and artistry that the desperately needs. has directed three of the five DCEU movies, counting the DC movies slated for a 2017 release. The time has come for a change of pace, and the guy responsible for portraying Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapon may be the answer to DC's prayers.

Lethal Opinions And Studios

Conversely, Gibson's take on Suicide Squad could backfire on DC and give the already troubled cinematic universe even more headaches. While promoting Hacksaw Ridge, Gibson lambasted Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and called the crossover a "piece of shit." He explained his disdain for costumed superheroes when he compared the real life people who inspired Hacksaw Ridge to fights that stem from comic books:

“I’m not interested in the stuff. Do you know what the difference between real superheroes and comic book superheroes is? Real superheroes didn’t wear spandex.”

With this mindset, it's hard not to imagine a Suicide Squad 2 directed by Gibson becoming a one-sided attack against superheroes - which is the last thing the DCEU needs. Batman V Superman came under fire for being the big screen equivalent of Snyder giving the middle finger to the idealistic Superman by putting Frank Miller's violent Batman on a pedestal, and this level of self-indulgence is part of the reason why many viewers have become wary of Snyder's upcoming .

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If Gibson is given full creative control of Suicide Squad 2, audiences may be in for a cynical surprise that betrays the anarchic, but jovial, tone of the first part. But if DC and Warner Brothers choose to dictate every single step Gibson will take, the DCEU could be in for yet another Suicide Squad, which was marred with excessive executive interference that stifled David Ayer's creative vision.

This problem is so prevalent that directors have left projects before they moved beyond the drawing board. Michelle MacLaren and Rick Famuyiwa (who replaced Seth Grahame-Smith) left and The Flash respectively due to creative differences, and just recently, Matt Reeves nearly dropped The Batman for the same reasons.

Unless the head honchos can figure out how to balance a filmmaker's vision with corporate interests, the problems that plague the DCEU will be recurring nightmares that no award-winning director can fix. Add in the controversy already surrounding Gibson, and his possible involvement in the sequel may raise all kinds of unwanted hell.

Mel Gibson: DC's Hero Or Villain?

Despite the controversy he attracts, Mel Gibson's skills as a filmmaker are undeniable. His impressive track record as a director has garnered Warner Brothers' interest in the first place, and it's not hard to see why the studio believes that the Oscar winning filmmaker can salvage the mess that the DCEU has become.

What movie lover doesn't remember this scene from Braveheart?

Though the negotiations have yet to be finalized, it's been rumored that Gibson is actually the studio's favorite to helm Suicide Squad 2. Whether or not he signs on to direct Suicide Squad 2, it's nice to know that both DC and Warner Brothers are serious about fixing the DCEU instead of just looking for the next big title that could be exploited for money.

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