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We knew you loved Mexican food, Deadpool, but we never thought you'd stoop this low to get it.

Early on Tuesday, July 20, police in Bel Air, Maryland, responded to a holdup alarm in a Taco Bell. A man sporting a mask had allegedly broken into the establishment carrying a bat. He forced the employees to get into the food locker and demanded a key to the restaurant's safe, according to police.

The suspect allegedly proceeded to steal money and left before police arrived. (Weirdly enough, no chimichangas or tacos were reported as stolen.) Bel Air police posted a Wanted Person notice for Deadpool, as well as several screenshots from security cameras, on their official Facebook page.

The search didn't take long though:

Authorities caught the suspect on Thursday, identifying him as 25-year-old David Joseph Furey, as detailed in a statement:

"David Joseph Furey was taken into custody during the early morning hours without incident and charged accordingly. He was later transported to the Harford County Detention Center for further prisoner processing."

Court documents show Furey was charged with armed robbery and two counts of burglary. Thankfully, the Taco Bell employees were not injured.

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

Folks, for a while it looked like Wade Wilson was turning over a new leaf with his newfound mainstream popularity. Unfortunately, it appears the Merc with a Mouth has turned to villainy once again... well, at least a guy dressed like him.

Wade Wilson (the real one) returns to theaters for on June 1, 2018.

(Source: Newsarama)


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