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News of the development of Man of Steel 2 has been subtle. There have been no extravagant announcements from Warner Bros studios. No excited or inconspicuous hints on social media. Not even any old fashioned press releases. Instead, it almost feels as if any news has been reluctantly prised from the grasp of those involved.

It isn't surprising Warner Bros. want to keep things discreet, instead channelling excitement toward Henry Cavill's next appearance in 2017's ensemble Justice League. But when it comes to a superhero of the magnitude of Superman, the occasional murmur is all you need to stoke the fire of desire.

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Recently, the most concrete confirmation didn't come from the studio, but instead from Cavill's agent, Dany Garcia. While discussing the actor's upcoming projects, she casually dropped in the fact he is "in development for a standalone Superman movie." Now, there has been word from one of the stars of the DCEU. And it's good news.

Man Of Steel 2 Is Officially In Development

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams in 'Man of Steel' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Henry Cavill and Amy Adams in 'Man of Steel' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Amy Adams — who plays Superman's love interest, Lois Lane — poured petroleum onto the flames by confirming that the film isn't only a dead cert (which we kinda knew already), but that a script is currently in the works. In true Man of Steel 2 style, this news was revealed in passing while the actress discussed another film, Arrival.

In an interview with Hey U Guys, Adams briefly discussed the Man of Steel sequel, revealing she — much like the color palette of the DCEU to date — was left in the dark. She said:

“I read about Man of Steel 2 when you guys did. A lot of times I find out after the fact, which is fine, it’s completely normal, it’s not indicative of anything. But yeah, I know they’re working on a script and I know it’s in the works.”

While the low-key announcement could make Man of Steel 2 look like the dark secret no one really wants to talk about, the truth is likely to be the opposite. Considering Warner Bros. desire to improve the DCEU after a difficult beginning, they may be taking a quietly confident approach to the Superman solo movie; and they have every reason to feel hopeful.

The release date is too far away to really glean any concrete details, but following Superman's death at the end of Batman v Superman, and his imminent return from the grave in Justice League — potentially drawing on the Death of Superman story arcthe signs suggest that the DCEU will finally portray a lighter version of the character.

By Man of Steel 2, this metamorphosis will be complete. Cavill's Superman will have transformed from an ostracized outsider unsure of his actions to a self-confident pillar of hope. In short: The Superman that the DC's shared universe has been crying out for.

Could This Be The Superman Movie Fans Have Been Waiting For?

Brainiac takes on Superman in the comic [Credit: DC Comics]
Brainiac takes on Superman in the comic [Credit: DC Comics]

As pen is put to paper, scriptwriters (rumored to be Geoff Johns and Zack Snyder) are said to be setting up Brainiac as the main villain, a character who is a formidable enemy of Superman in the comics. That's in addition to Metallo and Martian Manhunter, plus some potential familial backup for Clark Kent's in the form of Supergirl.

Interestingly, the director tasked with bringing those words to the big screen is unlikely to be Zack Snyder. Justice League will be his third DCEU instalment, following Man of Steel (2014) and BvS (2016). Much of the criticism for the dark tone and incoherent plot of the latter was aimed in Snyder's direction, something that wouldn't have gone unnoticed by the big dogs at Warner Bros.

One of the names in circulation is J.J. Abrams, who would be an inspired choice considering his history with dealing with big franchises, creating both commercially and critically successful movies. Mad Max director George Miller has also been rumored to be interested in the project, although he has denied reports.

The stage of development suggests it'll still be a number of years until Superman's solo sequel is released. Much will come before then, including two Justice League movies and standalone films for the likes of The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg.

However, cometh the hour, cometh the superhero. The Last Son of Krypton is one of the biggest attractions in both the comic book world and cinema, a character worthy of a film to remember. If DCEU can get the balance right, Man of Steel 2 could be Superman's finest and most hopeful hour.


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