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Excitement is building for the DC Extended Universe, not least with the latest breaking news — that the Harley Quinn spinoff will be Gotham City Sirens! But as the DCEU's focus seems to be turning ever more Bat-wards, some fans are keeping a steady eye on where it all began - with 2013's Man of Steel. As a result, one fan has put together a tremendous trailer for the sequel...

Take a Look!

The trailer's incredible, not least because its creator has paid real attention to the overarching narrative of the DCEU. The trailer shows the world's reaction to the resurrection of (a dead cert to happen in 2017's Justice League), but also ties in to Amanda Waller's A.R.G.U.S. projects from Suicide Squad.

That said, whilst this trailer carefully aligns itself with the ongoing continuity of the DCEU, it also blazes its own trail. Everything is carefully centered around Henry Cavill's Superman and Amy Adams's Lois Lane, and it sets up a powerful narrative.

How Does This Match With What We Know?

'Man of Steel'. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Man of Steel'. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

We know that is indeed considering a Man of Steel sequel - the film is officially in development — but it's not gotten past script stage just yet. There are popular rumors that the sequel does indeed feature Brainiac as the main villain, with DC considering bringing in the cinematic version of Supergirl as an ally. At this stage, though, these are just rumors.

The fan-made trailer imagines George Miller as the man in charge of Man of Steel 2, but sadly he told Digital Spy that he's out of the running:

"There’s been some of that in the mix, but I say probably not true."

Brainiac - the villain of the piece? [Credit: DC Comics]
Brainiac - the villain of the piece? [Credit: DC Comics]

In fact, so far the most likely director is none other than Zack Snyder himself. While Snyder's work on Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been divisive, Warner Bros.' willingness to back David Ayer for Gotham City Sirens suggests that the studio will stand by their directors. And for all the poor critical reception it received, the reality is that Batman v Superman was still the 11th-most-successful superhero movie of all time!

Still, where this trailer does get it right is in capturing the mood and tone of the DCEU version of Superman — with just a hint more hope. I love the setup; the world gathered around the monument as Superman descends, with those wonderful words:

"This is my world."

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It may only be fan-made, but this trailer is an important reminder that there's more to the DCEU than Batman. 2017 is a particularly exciting year - it features Wonder Woman and Justice League, introducing us to a whole swathe of top-quality DC superheroes. This year has been a rough one for DC fans, but here's hoping the future's bright!


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