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Yes, film geeks and comic fans all over the world are very excited about the return of Kal-El to the big screens next June 14th, but surely the chiefs of Warner Bros. are a bit nervous. It’s scary when you stop to think about all the things that depend on the success of the new film: Justice League Part One, more heroes of DC and the future for Superman in cinemas are hanging on a thread. Yes, people, Man of Steel has a heavier load on its back than The Dark Knight Rises did a year ago. With Batman's last appearance the worthy closure of one of the most important sagas of our time was at stake; but now, the whole future of the Warner/DC moves will be defined but the success of its Superman film.

The new Superman movie has one major target, which is to give us a reloaded Superman for new generations (I’m ignoring Superman Returns for argument's sake) that is able to satisfy the hardcore comic purists and the strictest movie critics. Impossible? Not at all. That’s why here you will find five points that could make Man Of Steel a real re-born for the Last Son of Krypton in cinema, just like "Birthright", "Secret Origin" & "Earth One" were for comic books.

5. We want more Krypton!

In past movies, we haven’t really seen all the cool stuff you could find on a planet thousands of times more advanced than Earth. I believe Zack Snyder will show us more of a society that was abruptly destroyed by their negligence. It would also explain better why Jor-El decided to send his beloved son to our planet having other, more intelligent options, besides the point he would be almost indestructible here.

4. Don’t forget it’s a freaking alien!

In Donner’s Superman (1978), I find it strange that Lois Lane remains unmoved during the famous interview when she discovers she has a superpowered alien in front of her. I’m really expecting writers of this film take into account the impact would have in the human society the fact we are not alone in the universe after all. And not only that, now as humans we have to quickly realize (assuming another crazy extraterrestrial called General Zod is attacking us) that this alien is our only hope to ensure our existence. It won’t be easy to accommodate so many topics in a superhero movie, but nobody said it would be.

3. A new Superman theme.

This is another overlooked, but perhaps not crucial challenge to address, though maybe one no one will complain about if it’s not successfully accomplished. It’s quite difficult not to think about Superman without remembering the great sound created to identify the flight of Kal-El 36 years ago. But Man of Steel has the great advantage of having the Dark Knight saga as example in a lot of areas. ’s work was also a masterpiece that remained stuck in the brain of every Bat-fan, and was able to build another sound that fit perfectly with the new vision for the dark detective. The first teaser for the new music is already online, and even when it does sound incredible and overwhelming, it still fails compared to the classic theme.

2. No more tributes.

Even when the post is titled as things we want to see, you can translate it to a truly new start for Superman. Superman Returns failed not really because it was a bad movie, but because it didn’t dare to innovate. A few months ago, photos from the set revealed the possibility of having a special cameo of in Man of Steel, which could be a double-edged sword. On one hand, we can’t deny Reeve is the Superman of the twentieth century, but a special appearance here could overthrow the goal of creating something we have never seen before. Yes, did an excellent job, but it’s time to move beyond it.

1. Superman the Powerful

The first cycle of films did not have the necessary tools to give the audiences a true taste of what Superman is really capable of; however, the special effects were advanced for the time. Superman Returns had much better equipment, but a weak script didn’t let to shoot a single sequence where we could enjoy Kal-El using his powers to the fullest. Now, facing General Zod, Zack Snyder and the people behind this blockbuster have the perfect opportunity to thrill audiences with spectacular scenes.

Will they succeed? They better!

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