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Mark Newton

's Man of Steel has just flown back from the MPAA with its official theater rating. It's probably not that surprising to discover Superman will have to keep his crime-fighting tactics strictly PG-13.

The MPAA claimed this rating was advised due to "intense sequences of sci-fi violence, action and destruction, and for some language." The PG-13 classification also allows for the dropping of one F-Bomb, so I'm predicting we'll see one of those during a particularly tense scene.

Zack Snyder certainly isn't known for keeping his movies PG-13. 300, Watchmen and Dawn of the Dead all had their fair share of blood, profanities and mammary glands. The thing is, Superman has always been the Boy Scout of superheros. In fact, he seems to spend most of his time saving people from falling debris or cutting holes in walls with his heat-vision. I mean, I've never seen him beating a criminal to death with his own severed arm. With that in mind, a PG-13 rating is probably right for his particular brand of life-saver.

Having-said-that, with Snyder and hinting of a darker approach to Superman, is a PG-13 rating good enough for an adult audience? Did you want to see Superman gratuitousness kicking General Zod's ass, or are you glad it'll be tailored for a wider audience. Let us know below!


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