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In keeping with 's policy of not releasing a lot of information about his movies until just before the release, we haven't gotten much information regarding the upcoming Man of Steel. A trailer here, a few photos there, and that's about it. Still, the hype is slowly growing, and today we have a new television spot.

It shows mostly stuff we've already seen from the longer trailer, but there are a few brief glimpses of new footage. Check it out:

Pretty good stuff there.

(Sidenote: Is it standard operating procedure now that every superhero origin story is required, at some point, to depict the character with a full beard to symbolize his struggle/lonely existence prior to the main action of the film?)

Starring as Clark Kent/Superman (who, despite hardcore fans ranting that it's a travesty to let a British actor play the American icon, I feel will make a fine Supes), as Lois Lane, and , , , , , , and , our suited and booted boy blue flies into theaters on June 14th. As you know there will be more promotional material coming, make sure to [[follow]] this movie to stay up to date on the latest stuff coming from Team Nolan.


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