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Superman is going to have a lot on his plate when Man of Steel swoops into theaters later this year. As well as having to deal with the whole growing up in Kansas with superpowers thing, and General Zod wanting to punch him repeatedly in the face, Kal-El has now got two more villains that want to lay the smack down on him. has revealed that Kryptonians Tor-An and Dev-Em will try and get all up in Superman's grill. Not only that, but we've got the names of the actors who are going to bring these baddies to the big screen. Both guys are Sucker Punch alums, with playing Tor-An and Revard Dufresne playing Dev-Em.

For those of you not up to date with your Superman lore, here's a bit of background info on the new recruits.

Tor-An is a Kryptonian and was formerly held prisoner within The Phantom Zone. He's also a member of the military guild and served under General Zod, before heading to Earth and becoming a sleeper agent under the alias David Carter. Dev-Em is also a Kryptonian who was held prisoner within the Phantom Zone, but he later became a teenage superhero. Kids, they'll always changing their minds.

If this is not enough Superman stuff to get you excited, check out this story about Jimmy Olsen becoming Jenny and hear why Jor-El thinks the movie will rock.

Man of Steel flies into theaters June 14th.

What role do you think Tor-An and Dev-Em will play in the drama behind Man of Steel? Type Superman-related things in the comment section below.


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