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Matt Carter

If you think back to a few days ago, you might remember the story we brought you about the possibility of Lex Luthor appearing in 's Man of Steel. The "will he/won't he be appearing" saga has now taken another twist with the guys over at AICN claiming that not only will the bald bad guy be in the movie, but that it will be "an ambitious, ego-driven and cold" version of Luthor.

If that wasn't enough Luthor-inspired awesomeness, the site are also claiming that will take on the role of the criminal mastermind, who intriguingly played a clone of Luthor on the television show Smallville.


Check out this video of Gray confirming his involvement in the movie. Skip to the 1:00 mark for the juicy stuff:

Is it evidence that Lex Luthor will appear in Man of Steel or is just a super-sized red herring?



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