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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Let's start with the newbie this frame: Man of Steel did gangbusters business in the international territories it got started with. There's a LOT of major markets to come (notably Germany, France and China), but from 24 markets this weekend, Man of Steel hit #1 in all its territories and internationally grossed $71.6M, adding to its US cume to make a worldwide total of $196.7M.

Impressive, yes. Surprising, no.

Man of Steel has been campaigned to marketing perfection and we knew we had a hit on our hands, and this franchise is successfully rebooted. So, what else was up internationally this weekend?

In terms of milestones, it was a BIG one for Fast & Furious 6, which passed $400m to become 2013's 2nd biggest worldwide film with $636.9M, only behind the post-Avengers steamroller of Iron Man 3. International audiences have contributed $417.3M, again just behind Tony Stark. Even more impressive - it's now the Fast franchise's highest grossing movie. Who would have thought this franchise would have had such longevity when in 2006 we were languishing in Tokyo with ? In fact, we are now at the stage where we can give the Fast franchise the marquee moniker - in term's of worldwide cashcows, it's in the front-seat.

Two other film's crossed major milestones, but whilst one can pop-open the champagne, the other might fancy a cocktail of whiskey and tears. Star Trek Into Darkness crossed $200m internationally, which somewhat makes up for it's underwhelming domestic cume so far. Star Trek has never translated well across the globe, but the reimagining has managed to change that and overall this can be tentatively called a win. The Hangover Part III has also crossed the milestone, but the news ain't so bright. It's -16% behind the The Hangover Part II internationally, adding to it's already disappointing U.S cume. In short, worldwide audiences, often the saviour of domestic disappointments, are tired of this franchise. This Hangover is in serial decline and there ain't no stopping it.

What else did we learn? The bankable movie star. It still exists. Take The Great Gatsby, which has grossed a hot $160.3m internationally. As popular and esteemed as F.Scott Fitzgerald's source material is, let's be honest here. It was 's face all over the promo, and the overseas audiences lapped it up. also can crack open (a very tentative) smile here. Despite the film being described by the majority as a ton of steaming horseshit, with U.S audiences drawing a huge blank, After Earth did solid internationally with $91.1M. And we can be confident this is the work of Mr Bel Air himself (after all, it's not getting bums on seats). He's one of the last bankable movie stars left but should be careful - once we said the same thing about . We still love you, but PLEASE pick your next project a lil' more carefully.

What does everyone think? Surprised by the Man of Steel's, one of the most American of superheros, super international bow? The seemingly unstoppable drive of the Fast films into franchise-headline status? The decline of the Hangover? Sound off in the comments below!


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