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Jiri Mäkilä

As long as i can remember i've always loved movies and other arts, especially drawing. I made my first 'posters' at about age 8 or 9 with MS Paint. It was always a hobby on the side but i never really concetrated on them. At about age 14 i got really in to editing and made fan trailers and such on Youtube for the next 3 years. Then for a little while i focused on being just a film fan, until my interest in poster art started again. I looked into Photoshop and thought myself, basically. I've been mainly doing key art for a while now but its fun for only so long. I'm now beginning to be more interested in actually creating art from srcatch. Something like Mondo and all those great artist have really inspired me lately. I'm just starting with illustrated posters (and have a loong way to go yet) but i'm still also looking to find new and fun things to do with key art.

If you like what you see there's a lot more on my Deviantart!


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