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Despite the many negative reviews towards the Man of Steel, I believe that the film was one of the best Superman films I have seen. However, I will agree with some of the negative remarks towards the movie because I believed that it could definitely use some improvements. First off, I felt that once Kal-El/Clark Kent landed on Earth the movie felt like it was trying to rush straight to the main plot point of facing off with General Zod. Also I felt that the storytelling began to get hard to follow since there were multiple flashbacks during the beginning of the film. However, the second time I watched it I knew what to expect and I found myself enjoying it a lot more.

Character Development

Another thing I saw that some negative reviews addressed was that the film lacked character development. Now I am a huge Superman fan and I know the characters by heart, and this is one thing that I really love about the actors in the movie; the way they delivered their lines and the way they carried themselves. I thought to myself: 'my gosh these actors know who these characters are'. I really loved ’s performance in this movie because the whole time I watched this film I didn’t see a guy trying to act like Superman, I saw one of my favorite childhood superheroes come to life. However there are some people who are not as familiar with these characters as most fans are and therefore it is essential to develop these characters so you can grow the Superman fan base.


Let's talk about the director . I watched several interviews on YouTube featuring Snyder and he talked about what he wanted the audience to see in the movie and there were two things he said that I believe he accomplished. He stated that he wanted the audience to relate to Clark Kent/Superman, and for me he did just that because in the film Clark gets bullied around and he feels different from everyone else. As a child, I was diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger Syndrome. In case you guys don’t know Asperger Syndrome is form of autism. It was because of this that I was bullied and felt so different from everyone, just like Clark felt. The second thing Snyder said was that he wanted the audience to see is why General Zod was doing this and why he was trying recreate Krypton; that in his eyes he was doing what he believed to be right. , in my opinion, accomplished what Snyder wanted to see and I believe that he portrayed General Zod extremely well.

CGI/ Visuals and Music

Now I am going to give some of the other reasons why I believe this was one of the best Superman movies I have ever seen. Now I know some people are not fans of CGI but I believe that the CG in this movie and the special effects were amazing. Krypton was absolutely stunning to look at and the technology on the planet was very interesting and creative. Also, I absolutely loved the costumes in this movie and I loved the new Superman costume design. I don’t know how to describe it but it the costume was just perfect. Another wonderful thing about this movie was the music that was composed by , who I will say may be the next John Williams, for both have given us great music in beloved films. Hans Zimmer, for me was able to create the perfect music that truly fits the Superman character. While we will always love the original theme from the first Superman movie this new theme, I believe, is just as good. Now for me the best part of this movie was indeed the action and fight scenes. It was what I have always wanted to see in a live Superman movie, a battle of epic proportions with lots explosions. This is the kind of action a Superman movie deserved.

I shall end this review with addressing what some people are calling a controversial ending.

So during the final battle between Superman and General Zod, Superman has a headlock on Zod and they are in a building with civilians. Using his newly controlled powers, Zod uses his heat vision and is about to kill a family who is cornered and cannot escape. Superman begging Zod to not do it makes an impossible decision and snaps Zods neck and is now truly the last Kryptonian (or at least that is what it seems unless they introduce Supergirl in any of the future movies). I have heard people complain that Superman does not kill and the fact that he killed Zod upset some fans. I can agree with them in that 'yes Superman is not known to kill'. However, and this another reason why I believe Zack Snyder accomplished his goal of getting us to relate to the character, Superman was in a situation where if he didn’t kill Zod an innocent family would have been murdered. If any one of us was in that situation we would have done the same thing. Lastly, what makes me okay with him killing Zod his reaction to killing Zod because he did something he never wanted to do at all and I believe it was something he had no choice but to do.

So overall, I really loved the film but I am willing to admit that it has its flaws. However, it is definitely a movie that the fans of Superman should at least watch once. The music, the action, and the actors were amazing and this is one film I can’t wait to own on DVD. If you would like me to write an article on how I felt about the supporting casts performance leave a comment below. Also if you want to share your opinion about anything I said in this article please leave a comment below.


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