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This is it folks - one of the first reviews is in for 's upcoming Man of Steel, from a very lucky guy who says he got to see a small 2d screening of the flick in Australia. So, proceed with caution with this review, Supes fans, and take it with a pinch of salt:

The review comes from Ain't It Cool News:

I am a moderate Superman fan. I've seen all the movies, read a few comics, worn an 'S' t-shirt or two. The trailers for this new movie demonstrated a no-holds-barred interpretation, something we haven’t seen before – plenty of dazzling sights and action.

Beforehand I only saw two trailers for Man of Steel, including a newer one which was played before the screening. I couldn’t follow any of it. Images were too quick. But as soon as the movie started, with its long drawn out shots, I was more comfortable. The visual effects are amazing, despite how outrageous and clearly CGI they are. Superman hasn't been done better than this.

Overall, it's gloriously flash and fun, bold and hallucinogenic, all the while having a touch of grit, grain and gravity. What it is is seriously geeky, and was probably made to appeal to Superman fans first and foremost. This is because it takes its mythology seriously. It's a long movie, but it's never boring. It does return to the greatness of the first two movies. I thought this movie delivered on what I was after all along: a physical match for Superman.

I didn't know if it the right move to reboot the whole mythology and start over again. Superman's origins are pretty well known and been done to death. I’d rather the story just start with Superman being a reality in the world and have him go up against a monster. There really isn't a lot you can do with the Superman character in any case besides throw unique villains at him. He's practically invincible and so far, in the movies at least, he hasn't needed to change too much or adapt to something new.

Although I enjoy 's interpretation of the character, I think is effective as Superman in this film. I don't think anyone can beat the quirkiness of Reeve's Clark Kent, his total cluelessness and all as well as his charm as Superman, but Cavil manages this side of the character well – a bit dark around the edges, and deep.

Having commended the visuals, and calling it a visually dynamic Superman flick, Man of Steel does have an unhealthy message about hiding your true abilities to keep others happy, even if it's better in the long run. It's different to the usual stuff I've noticed surrounding Superman lore, which I can only claim involves the original five movies.

The stand-out is the music which is really energetic and fun. There is a lot of magic here and there in the flying sequences. One of the greatest scenes I think is when Superman cannonballs Zod. Also, the script is really well done, explaining where Superman got the idea to be Superman and who made his costume and why. I'd say the script isn't as thought out as the first movie, it feels like the main action is delayed when it should have happened sooner.

The most interesting scene is not dialogue-orientated, but a non-stop tracking shot of a fight between Kal-El and the bad guys. Zod's demise is unexpectedly shocking. There's no blood which isn't disappointing, but the visuals sell the moment more than the acting.

The filmmakers obviously spent some money on this one – seeing as there are plenty of explosions which I tend to lean towards. There's another story concerning the Daily Planet, but the main story concerns Superman. He's front and centre in this film.

Huh. From this review it would seem like the movie's a little more thematically complex than I was expecting. But it sure sounds like Snyder's done a good job and the score is going to be epic. But I smell a rat. Although its about time that Man of Steel reviews begin to emerge, this is a guy who doesn't to to the cinema much but somehow gets contacted by a studio to see a sneak preview. He claims to be a moderate Superman fan having "read a few comics" and then goes on to say how this film is brilliant because it treats Supes' mythology with respect. Hmm...

Does this 'reviewer' need to put the bong down and step away from the keyboard or is this the real deal? And if it indeed turns out to be genuine, is this exactly what you want from Snyder's Man of Steel? Sound off below.


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