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Warner Bros Man of Steel swoops into theaters June 14th and with early reviews in, the initial reaction to 's reboot is overwhelmingly positive. Due to an embargo on the movie preventing people from talking about the plot, the reviews are low on detail but high on emotion so check them out and start to get excited for what some guys are already saying is this summer's best blockbuster:

Not all the early reviews have been gushing with praise though, with a couple of bloggers writing to ComicBookMovie to share their dislike for the movie:

I haven't seen Man Of Steel yet, but from those that have (and are under embargo) I've heard it's abysmal. 4 or 5 said go in with way, way lowered expectation, and that they've removed all sense of character from the film

While Jenn Murphy wrote:

There's a reason why they told us not to tweet about the movie we just saw: IT'S TERRIBLE!!! Also it definitely fails the Bechdel Test. Seriously can big budget movies create a decent role for a woman? It's getting pretty ridiculous.

There are sure to be more reviews of Man of Steel flying in over the next few days, so stick close for all the latest updates.



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