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's love life just got a super big bang...or something.

Apparently, Man of Steel star and The Big Bang Theory's are totally hot for each other, after both moving on from their respective partners, video game producer Josh Resnik and fitness model-turned actress .

According to People magazine, "it's just the beginning stages of a relationship and they're having a great time", but less than a month ago, it seemed as if the two thesps didn't even know each other. Or, perhaps they're both just really awesome actors...

Cuoco recently tweeted a photo that showed herself looking up into Cavill's eyes on a Man of Steel promo poster, captioning it with "Everyone go see Man of Steel. It's fantastic in every single way." A cryptic tribute to bagging herself a bit of Supes?

Cavill also told the source earlier in the year that when he's looking for a partner, "what really matters is that people be themselves. If women are confident and happy, they are going to attract someone who is like minded rather than trying to be something else."

With the announcement of Cavill's new leading lady, The Big Bang Theory's Leonard (), won't know whether to celebrate his profound love of comic book super heroes, or hide himself away and cry into his experiments in a science station on the North Pole. As for Cavill, he'd better be grateful for this, because he is now the enemy of 20 million nerds.

So, does Kaley Cuoco make a good real-life Lois Lane? Let us know what you think by dropping a comment below.


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