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Jennifer Geacone-Cruz

You've seen shirtless in the Man of Steel trailers, but he also looks very nice with his shirt on. His Clark Kent side. You know... the one who wears a suit-suit.

The cover of June's GQ UK has him in all his sartorial glory, with the easy-on-the-eyes actor going through the superhero paces in some very nice threads. If any of you out there still harbor any doubts as to why is our Superman for a new era, then this should be what convinces you. He's the start of a DC revolution that leads straight to Justice League Part One.

I might be biased-- as anyone who follows me on Twitter might think-- but really, it's impirical fact: Oh, does Henry Cavill wear it well. Maybe that's why everyone wants him to take it off for Fifty Shades of Grey. Just sayin'.

The June issue of GQ UK is available in newsstands from May 2nd. 's Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th.


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