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Matt Carter

Here's some sweet sci-fi news coming your way now. The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel scribe David S. Goyer is to produce dystopian thriller Somacell, which has been written by first-timer Ashleigh Powell. Thanks to Deadline we've got a bit of synopsis for you to check out:

Somacell chronicles a female prison guard in the near future who discovers that the virtual reality process that rehabilitates convicts is not all it promises to be.

It's not a great deal of plot to go on, but there's been a lot of buzz surrounding the script. It made it onto the annnual black list for best unproduced scripts in Hollywood and was picked up by Warner Bros for a six figure sum. I'm also a fan of Goyer's work, (apart from Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, which was terrible), so this should be a sci-fi flick that's worth our full attention.

What do you guys think? Intrigued by Goyer's foray into sci-fi? Type interesting things in the comments below!


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