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As part of a Man of Steel ticket sale promotion, Walmart managed to get their money-laden hands on some exclusive behind the scenes footage for 's Superman reboot.

While most of the video is the usual mix of commentary and superfluous hyperbole, there is also some interesting new footage which has yet to appear in any of the trailers (Head over to here for our full trailer review). In fact, some of it could even be considered spoilerific. So, if want to remain completely pure, I suggest you stop reading now.

Before we get into the who, what, when and wheres of the actual spoiler, check out the video below:


So, some outlets are reporting that the footage shown above hints at the death of a semi-major character. According to, Perry White () can be seen holding the hand of a rubble-stricken victim. From the micro-glimpse we get, the hand appears to belong to a woman who happens to be wearing a similar shirt to one worn by Jenny Olsen in another scene. Does this mean Jenny is trapped? Well, maybe...

Although I can accept Jenny Olsen is the one trapped in the rubble, it might be a bit of a stretch to claim this means she will die. Superhero movies aren't exactly unknown for placing their characters into potentially perilous positions, only to be saved after a few tense moments. Indeed, nothing in the first Man of Steel review suggested a major death was expected.

However, it seems this potential spoiler is further supported by internet gossip and rumors which suggest Jenny will die in order to make way for her brother Jimmy, a character who has appeared in many other Superman incarnations. Having said that, it's still unclear if Jenny is simply a relative of Jimmy's, or if she is the actual replacement of his character. Basically, I would suggest this spoiler is still very much in Rumor-ville.

What do you think? Do you believe these spoilery theories, or is it still too early to tell?


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