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Although it seems as though everyone working on 's upcoming Man of Steel has been working hard to keep spoilers from going mainstream, one potentially massive spoiler has now come to light.

The guys over at Comic Book Therapy are reporting that Lex Luthor's LexCorp won't be the only recognizable name popping up in Man of Steel. Apparently, Batman's business - Wayne Enterprises - will make an appearance of some sort and - awesomely - Batman will be directly referenced!

I'm guessing the reference would be similar to the way Thor was referenced in Iron Man 3, "It's all changed since that Big Guy with the Hammer fell out of the sky"...or something along those lines.

This news comes from a supposedly anonymous source, so take it with a giant pinch of salt. That said, the rumor fits with what we already know about the movie and no one's promising that is about to pop up, just some other incarnation of Batman that Warner Bros. might use at some point down the road for, say, the Justice League Part One movie.

If I had my way, Warner Bros. would pay Bale a truckload of cash and snag him for a few movies, and bring him into a unified world with 's Superman. Ridiculous? I can dream...

Is this the real deal and, if so, are you pumped for Batman's Man of Steel appearance? Let us know below.


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